Vote Your Favorite Episode of Voices In My Head Podcast

// Poll closes on December 14th just in time for the 50th episode celebration. Vote for your favorite episode below.

What Was Your Favorite 2012 Episode of the Voices IN My Head Podcast?
Episode #1: Pilot0%
Episode #2: Rick Lee James0%
Episode # 3: Musician Daniel Dye0%
Episode #4: Pastor Mathew Cole and Super Hero – Superman0%
Episode #5: Author of “The Devil Wears Nada” – Dr. Tripp York0%
Episode #6: Kyle Northrop of Three Pasty Nerds Podcast0%
Episode #7: Brandon Sipes, President of Re-Frame.0%
Episode #8: Multi-Award Winning Musician and Author Michael Card0%
Episode #9: Author, Rock Star, Teacher and Theologian Dr. Brannon Hancock.0%
Episode #10: Musician and Author Andrew Peterson0%
Episode # 11: Musician and Author Fred Heumann0%
Episode #12: Musician: Eric Vinson0%
Episode #13: The Worship Team0%
Episode # 14: Pastor Brian Zahnd – Author of the book, “Unconditional?”0%
Episode #15: Musician Sara Groves0%
Episode #16: Phil Sillas of Worship Leader Magazine’s Song Discove0%
Episode #17: Musician Jason Gray0%
Episode #18: Song Discovery Creative Conference – Ian Morgan Cron, David L. Ward, Jeff Bourque, and Craig Adams0%
Episode #19: Musician Andrew Osenga – Leonard The Lonely Astronaut0%
Episode #20: Hipster Christianity Author – Brett McCracken0%
Episode #21: Gregory Voiles – Theologian Avengers Assemble Part 10%
Episode #22: Matthew Cole – Theologian Avengers Assemble Part 20%
Wild Goose Festival Bonus Episode: Gareth Higgins0%
Episode #23: Pastor David Black – Soma Community Church0%
Episode #24: Dr. Randy L. James – Author: Unraveling the Revelation0%
Episode #25: Dr. David G. Myers – Co-Author: What God Has Joined Together0%
Episode #26: Music Industry Professional Cindy Wilt Colville0%
Episode #27: Jon Finney and Out Of Truth Records0%
Episode #28: Mark Thompson and Mission To The World in Fairmont West Virginia.0%
Episode #29: Army Chaplain Rich Young0%
Episode #30: Musician and Pastor Scott Roley0%
Episode # 31: Pastor and Pleasing Pain Blogger Adam W. Powers0%
Episode #32: Ben Debono – The Dark Knight Rises0%
Episode #33: Musicians- Like a Child0%
Episode #34: Musician- Daniel Dye and the Madden Road Music Festival0%
Episode #35: Paul Darilek & Living Water International 0%
Episode #36: Rick Lee James LIVE on 100.7FM WEEC Christian Radio.0%
Episode 37: Musician Eddie Kirkland- Kings and Queens0%
Episode 38: Jeff Pinkleton and the Gathering0%
Episode 39: Author and Pastor Brian Zahnd – Beauty Will Save The World0%
Episodes 40 & 41: Going Catholic with Ben Debono0%
Episode 42: Rick Lee James Sermon0%
Episode 43: Cedarville University Worship Program Director Roger O’Neel0%
Episode 44: Author: Matt Litton, Holy Nomad, Mockingbird Parables0%
Episode 45: Author: Stephen Mansfield0%
Episodes 46-49: Rick Lee James Prayer Retreat Sermons0%