Voices In My Head Podcast Episode # 269: Crowd Music Founder & CEO Mike Castronovo



My guest on this episode of Voices In My Head is Crowd Music’s Founder and CEO, Mike Castronovo. 

Crowd Music is an Industry Renovator that values music and realizes that today’s music creators are being robbed of their intellectual properties.

Mike wasn’t looking to start a music company, but on January 22, 2014 he read a piece in the Wall Street Journal that opened his eyes to a massive problem.  He learned the current music industry wasn’t fairly compensating those who actually create the music we enjoy, which ultimately hurts all of us as music listeners and fans in the long run.  The more he dove in to trying to understand the problem, the more he was amazed that nobody had come up with a viable solution that would work for everyone.

A lifetime guitarist and songwriter himself, Mike was still far enough outside the industry that he was able to take a different perspective. He imagined how the music business could be changed in a way that would benefit everyone. And so Crowd Music was born.


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