Voices In My Head Podcast Episode 253 with Guest Jeremy Casella


Jeremy Casella is a nationally touring singer/songwriter & recording artist. He has released a number or albums in his storied career and has toured alongside such musical acts as Caedmon’s Call, Andrew Peterson and Phil Keaggy. 

He’s crowdfunding a new project on Kickstarter called Spirit and he’s here with us today to give us all the important details abou this very cool record.

. Here are a couple of important links:


•To Fund Jeremy Casella’s album on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/916601386/spirit-a-new-studio-album-by-jeremy-casella 


Rick Lee James also is in the last days of his crowdfunding for a new album. You can support Rick at this link:


•To Fund Rick Lee James Album: