Try The New Rick Lee James Substack Channels For Music, Blog Posts, Podcasts And More

Hi Friends,

I wanted to let you know that I’m trying out Substack and so far I really like it. It’s my hope that substack will replace the usual way that I email and communicate with people who follow me online by the end of 2020, ending my time with mailchimp.

The advantage of substack is that I am able to share content much more smoothly. You can specifically follow channels that you want to follow and unfollow others by subscribing and unsubscribing to emails and updates you may or may not want to receive.

This means is you specifically want to follow Voices In My Head (The Rick Lee James Podcast), then you can subscribe below and listen to the latest episodes from there.

Many Ways To Listen

Voices In My Head (The Rick Lee James Podcast)

Likewise, if you want to subscribe to all things Rick Lee James like my music updates and Welcome To The Neighborhood: A Mister Rogers Tribute Podcast, then you can subscribe at this link.



Subscribe over at substack today and enjoy lots of cool content all in one place.


Rick Lee James