Thunder (Official Music Video) Music Video Featured on New Release Today!

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When I opened my email early Sunday morning I found a great surprise. New Release Today emailed me to let me know that my new music video, Thunder, is being featured on their main page. (pictured above) They also told me it would be going out in an email blast this coming Friday.

New Release Today the largest Christian music and entertainment site online with 650 thousand visitors a month.

The music video for Thunder released went love just 4 days ago on February 9th. Thunder is a never before released song by the late Rich Mullins. It’s such a great honor for me to be the first to introduce the song with the world.

Jason Elam at Agape Media In Dayton Ohio did an amazing job with the music video, which you can see below. With just under a month before the new album releases, I’m praising the Lord for the way He is providing.

What a good God!

Rick Lee James

Thunder Music Video:

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