The Christmas Story

The Christmas story: An unplanned pregnancy to a poverty stricken peasant couple engaged to be married. They were forced to become undocumented immigrants soon after the birth of their baby, Jesus. King Herod slaughtered the male Jewish babies in an effort to put an end to the new “King,”. Jesus is a Messiah who avoids the powerful and wealthy. He lives among the poor, the broken, and those reeking with scandal. Both then, and now, he is rejected by many of those whom He came to embrace. He is a King who reigns from a place of pain and mourning, even to the point of death on a cross. He is furious love and unrelenting mercy beyond what we can comprehend. He loves even those who curse Him and those who refuse to believe. He doesn’t give up on those who give up on Him. For the joy set before Him, the joy of knowing God and man in unity, He endures the wrath of men who are disconnected from God. This is the story, Love came into the world, and we killed Him. Death wasn’t strong enough to keep love away. He is here, hallelujah. True love is born and born again. Merry Christmas.

Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing)


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