Thalia Capos and Guitar Picks

Thalia designs and manufactures the world’s best guitar capos and exotic wood picks. Our capos are functionally better than other capos as they come with interchangeable fretpads, which allows you to match the fretboard radius of the capo to your guitar, keeping you better in tune than any other capo. Thalia Exotic Wood Picks are crafted by taking microthin layers of exotic wood and crosshatching the layers to create a thin but durable pick. All Thalia Products are made in the USA and are aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

As an artist who is on the road a lot, it’s good to have a dependable capo that fits my guitar perfectly without a loss of intonation.

I love love my Thalia Capo!

Rick Lee James 
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Rick Lee James – Thalia Capos Artist