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Nick Flora is an independent performing songwriter from Nashville, TN. Nick has been writing, recording, and touring with his music since he was a teenager with a passion for creating interesting, engaging, and enjoyable songs. His latest album, The Re-Introduction of Nick Flora, broke the top 40 on iTunes on the day of it’s release. The Re-Introduction of Nick Flora has been on this musicians playlist for a couple of months now and it quickly became one of my favorites with songs both heavy and light-hearted, listening to the album from start to finish is a rewarding process, well-worth the time. It’s my pleasure to welcome Nick Flora back to Voices In My Head.

Voices In My Head is a Podcast dedicated to covering things like comics, movies, books, music and various other things that get stuck in the head of pop culture, but with a Theological lens. Listen to it on Podbean.comStitcherThe Rick Lee James Mobile, and FacebookRick Lee James Official Web Site is To leave a voice message comment for Voices In My Head call (937) 505-0162. Get Rick’s music on iTunes and at Email can be sent to You can also watch Rick Lee James music videos on YouTube.

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I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I just found out that I am appearing in a national Canadian news story. No, not for my amazing musical abilities or my dearly loved weekly Podcast, but for a Twitter post that I made about Hostess. Excuse me while I get too for for my britches. I’m kind of a big deal in Canada. (Said with all the sarcasm I can muster.) If you want to see that article that accompanies this picture you  click on the picture below.

Rick Lee James