Sponsorship Opportunities for Rick Lee James Thunder Release Concert at the John Legend Theater

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Become a sponsor of Rick Lee James Album Release Concert, featuring Brothers McClurg at The John Legend Theater on February 22nd, 2019. Receive exposure for your band, your product, your ministry, or your company that is like no other.  This concert will be a unique show that hits on all the senses and the imagination of the audience. Backed by popular New York based band, Brothers McClurg, Rick Lee James will play through many selections from his new album, Thunder, including the never before released Rich Mullins title track, Thunder. 

Sponsors like you can help to make this event happen.  Your participation will not only make people aware of your business it will also demonstrate an investment in our community and the artistic expressions being performed at the John Legend Theater (Owned and operated by the Springfield City School District).  The John Legend Theater is one of the most unique and inspirational musical venues in Western Ohio. The Springfield/Dayton community will enjoy original quality music with state of the art sound and lighting in the comfortable, newly renovated, John Legend Theater.

Rick Lee James and Brothers McClurg work to create a welcoming community feel for audiences of all ages. An investment in the THUNDER Release Concert means you care about quality and you understand what it means to appreciate the quality of an excellent musical experience. You understand that music matters in our culture and you understand the power of sharing the message of the Gospel through the arts.

An investment in this concert is an investment in community excellence and in local art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sponsor?

There are several options listed in the yellow cart button below. Every sponsorship will help to lighten the financial load on Rick Lee James who has paid for every event expense out of pocket in advance including theater rental, airline tickets for the band, hotel accomodations, food and more.

What does it cost to be a sponsor?

Sponsorships start as low as $50 for a single expense and go up in price from there. You can sponsor as many cart items as you like. Some sponsors may elect to pay for larger expenses, each of which are laid out in the cart below. Rick Lee James and Voices In My Head Productions LLC have tried to create a sponsorship proposal to accommodate your marketing budget. See list of our expenses in the sponsorship dropdown cart below.

Event Cost Estimate:

  • Hotel Costs $212.58
  • Airline Tickets for band $956.40
  • Theater Costs $615.00
  • Event Insurance $158.00
  • Sponsorship Level 1 $50.00
  • Sponsorship Level 2 $100.00
  • Sponsorship Level 3 $200.00
  • Sponsorship Level 4 $300.00
  • Sponsorship Level 5 $400.00
  • Sponsorship Level 6 $500.00 USD
Sponsorship Options

What benefits do I receive as a sponsor?

As an concert sponsor, you will enjoy a variety of benefits. Below are just some of the wonderful benefits we offer to our sponsors:

  • Recognition of your company (ad graphic/logo if you wish to provide one) as a concert sponsor in the event program.
  • 1 Complimentary ticket for every $50 spent. (Sponsor at $100 level and get two tickets, sponsor at $400 level and get 8 tickets…etc )
  • Recognition of your company on the RickLeeJames.com website.
  • Every $50 donation will receive THUNDER on CD.
  • Every donation $100 and over will receive THUNDER on Vinyl and CD.
  • Every donation over $200 will receive a THUNDER T-Shirt, A Vinyl, and a CD. (Sponsor $400, get two t-shirts…etc.)

Please contact me with any questions or to discuss your ideas! Rick@RickLeeJames.com or 937.206.1146.

We look forward to partnering with you.

-Rick Lee James & Voices In My Head Productions LLC

Rick Lee James and Brothers McClurg to Perform at the John Legend Theater on February 22nd.

John Legend Theater Jazz Concert Poster_Feb 22_600

RLJ and Brothers McClurg at John LEgend Theater

Brothers McClurg
Brothers McClurg of Old Bear Records

I am so pleased to announce that the official release concert for my new album Thunder will be hosted at the prestigious John Legend Theater in Springfield Ohio on February 22nd. 

The John Legend Theater opened in the fall of 2016 to serve the Springfield City School District and the Springfield community.

The John Legend Theater is located within the Springfield Center of Innovation: The Dome in Springfield’s Promise Neighborhood, where there is a real opportunity to make a positive difference in young people’s lives.

The concert will start at 7:30PM on February 22nd.

Tickets are $15 a person.
Groups who buy 5 tickets and get one free.

Expect a full evening of music where I’ll be playing the entire new album live. We will also be giving away signed copies of Thunder on CD and on Vinyl to ticket holders whose names are drawn.

Seating is limited so call the box office to buy your tickets today at (937) 505-2945.

Tickets are also available online but online orders will incur a $2.00 service fee so we recommend calling or visiting the box office in person.

NOTE: The only way to get the 6th ticket free is by calling.

I hope you can join me for a wonderful evening of celebration.

Rick Lee James

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Rick Lee James

Thunder Release Concert at the John Legend Theater

February 22nd, 2018 – 7:30PM

Box Office: (937) 505-2945

Pre-Order Thunder Today! Download Album Instantly with Pre-order. Releases February 8th