Guess what? That’s a wrap! We’ve completely finished recording my new album, Thunder!

There were so many wonderful moments in the making of this project, and I don’t quite know how to put them into words yet, so I’ll try to be brief.

I put in several 12 to 15 hour days with producer Chris Hoisington and the tremendously talented crew at Old Bear Records. I’m moved by their commitment getting this album right, and giving me the time and space to find my own voice, to let me play several different instruments, and to express what is on my heart through music in new and unique ways. I’ve had wonderful times in recording studios in the past, but never anything as unique as this.

I have never been more excited about making music than I am at this point in my life. I put my all into this album. I played and sang my heart out. I laughed, I cried, I had space to pray, and to follow the Spirit’s leading. This is the gift that Old Bear Records gave to me, it’s why I wanted to work with these amazing people. There was an atmosphere in the studio that Made me feel we were creating on holy ground.

This picture was part of a promotional photo shoot that happened after we wrapped. I love dogs, and this picture represents the joy I found in this whole experience as Instagram sensation, Mabel the dog stopped by (Find her at @Mabel_thebully). This picture represent just one of the many moments in which I was surprised by joy while recording at Old Bear Recording Studio! To Chris, Anthony, Jeremy, Pauly, Ron, Sarah and all of your families, I sincerely thank you for all you did to make this project what it needed to be.

I promise you, this album is going to be something like you’ve never heard from me before.

There is still a lot left to do before the project can be released, including raising the funds to finish paying for the recording budget. One way you can help me to do that is by pre-ordered here at the link below. I need to raise nearly $5000 and your pre-orders of the album itself, t-shirts, books, and various other perks connected to the album will help me to meet the financial need. By pre-ordering through Indiegogo you not only get some great new music before the rest of the world does, you actually get to be a part of making the record.

I’m grateful for you. Thank you for taking this journey with me.


Rick Lee James

Pre-Order and Donate To My New Album Here:

Vol. I Video “Is He Worthy” Premieres From The Gospel Coalition

5-Star Acclaimed Resurrection Letters: Prologue Called

“The Finest Poetry Peterson Has Written”


Dove Award-nominated recording artist, songwriter and award-winning author Andrew Peterson releases the long-awaited album Resurrection Letters, Vol. I March 30 from Centricity Music. Releasing in time for Easter, the album is also available for preorder beginning today at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play and more digital outlets internationally through

Resurrection Letters, Vol. I features songs like “I’ve seen Too Much,” “His Heart Beats” (heard on Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God tour last year) and “Is He Worthy,” which becomes the first video from the album premiere-streaming today from The Gospel Coalition at

Filmed at Scarritt Bennett’s Wightman Chapel in Nashville, the video’s one continuous take is meant to add visual beauty, simple elegance and serve the message of the song. Elements like the choir, strings, worshippers and drums are introduced fluidly as the declaration in the song is represented.

“The word ‘liturgy’ means ‘the work of the people,’ so a liturgical service implies community—not just listening to a pastor (though that happens) but edifying one another by reaffirming what we believe again and again. I wanted to write a song that did the same,” says Peterson regarding the impetus behind “Is He Worthy.”

“Revelation 5 contains one of the most beautiful and dramatic scenes in scripture, and is centered around the question, ‘Is anyone worthy?’” continues Peterson. “The resounding answer is, ‘Yes! And his name is Jesus.’ That’s what this whole album is about.”

Produced by Ben Shive, Resurrection Letters, Vol. I is the prequel (think Star Wars) to the highly acclaimed album Peterson released and Shive produced in 2008, Resurrection Letters, Vol. II. While Vol. II is more about the implications of Christ’s resurrection victory over sin and death in our own lives, Vol. I begins with the heartbeat of the resurrected Christ while exploring the resurrection itself and its centrality to Christianity. Ten years in the making, the celebratory new volume is meant to move listeners to a greater gratitude, awe and love for God.

“My dream for Resurrection Letters, Vol. I is that it would be the kind of record people turned up to eleven on Easter Sunday, when Christians all over the world celebrate something that happened—it really happened—two millennia ago,” says Peterson.

But leading up to the celebration on Easter Sunday, Peterson offers his 5-star-acclaimed Resurrection Letters: Prologue, a collection of five “waiting songs” meant to remind listeners of the gravity of the crucifixion and to pique longing for the moment when morning breaks and Christ triumphs over the grave.

Available now from digital retailers everywhere and through, Prologue was recently discussed on the Colson Center’s“Breakpoint Podcast” and CCM Magazine calls the EP in its 5-star review “the finest poetry Peterson has written, set to a cinematic soundscape sometimes appropriately sparse and sometimes jarringly hopeful.” Jesus Freak Hideout lauds, “it’s hard to think of how Good Friday could be better and more-succinctly encapsulated than [with] this Prologue.”

See more of Peterson’s explanation of how the three-part Resurrection Letters came about, including why Vol. II came first and why the new volume was so long in the making, in a blog post at The Rabbit Room.

The most congregational songs that Peterson has ever recorded, Resurrection Letters, Vol. I and Resurrection Letters: Prologue will be available as digital-only releases along with a physical-only Deluxe Edition that will combine the music of both projects.

For more information about Peterson, including tour dates and more, visit or

About Andrew Peterson:

Recording artist, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, publisher and award-winning author of The Wingfeather Saga series, Andrew Peterson is also host of the popular creative community known as The Rabbit Room ( and recently launched a film and TV production company, Shining Isle Productions to produce the animated film based on his bestselling books. Peterson’s studio album, The Burning Edge of Dawn (2015), debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Current Contemporary Christian Top Albums Chart becoming his highest charting record to date. Known for songs like “Dancing In The Minefields,” “Be Kind To Yourself,” “The Reckoning,” “Don’t You Want To Thank Someone,” “The Silence Of God,” “Nothing To Say,” “You’ll Find Your Way” and more, Peterson has also been named “one of the foremost singer/songwriters around” and has received multiple “best album of the year” nods from critics along with two Dove Award nominations. Taking his hits and fan favorites on the road, Peterson’s touring draws capacity crowds at venues around the world, including several sold-out events at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

About Centricity Music: 

Centricity is an independent Christian music company based in Franklin, Tenn. Founded in 2005 with a commitment to artist development and stylistic diversity, its artist roster includes Aaron Shust, Andrew Peterson, Caitie Hurst, Carrollton, For All Seasons, Jason Gray, JJ Weeks Band, Jonny Diaz, Jordan Feliz, Lauren Daigle, Neon Feather, North Point InsideOut, Peabod and Unspoken. Providing label and publishing services, Centricity is a family-owned organization, and they like it that way. The committed work of its staff and artists has yielded successes such as Grammy nominations, Billboard Awards, Dove Awards, K-Love Fan Awards, a Gold Album and Gold Singles. For more information on Centricity Music, visit


Hello my dear fans, friends, and family,

On March 12th two big things are happening.
1.) I enter Old Bear Studio in New York to spend a week recording my new album.
2.) I launch a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to pay off the remaining $5000 of the recording budget that I wasn’t able to raise in the last campaign.
I’m writing you all to ask a favor.
  • It’s a fact that the more web traffic a campaign gets, the higher up its ranking will receive on Indiegogo, which means more potential backers get to see it.
  • Because of this I’m asking you to contribute to my campaign on March 12th, even if you’ve have given before on the previous campaign.
    • Even if you can only give $1.00 to the new campaign it generates more traffic, which helps it to be seen by more potential donors.
    • $1.00 really does help.
    • Essentially, 50 contributions for $1 is better than One contribution for $50 as far as driving traffic to the web site is concerned.
  • When others back a project, potential backers start to feel more secure, it seems to add a level of security and trust in an artist and their project.
    • Statistics show that those who are able to secure 30% of their contributions in the first couple of days after they launch from their initial crowd will more than likely be successful and actually get more contributions.
Successful crowd funding takes work and needs support, so I’m asking you, once again for your help. I literally can’t do this without you. I know many of you have already done so much, and I hate asking again, but these kinds of projects just don’t work unless everyone pitches in.
I hope you will be a part of making this new album.
You can find out more about it at and sign up through the Indiegogo link today to be notified when the campaign goes live at
With your help, I know we can finish making this album.
    • See the list of perks we will be offering to donors at the bottom of this message.
Rick Lee James
Some of the Perks That Will Be Available To Donors On March 12th
  • Thunder – Full Album (Digital and CD)
  • Your Name on the Album Credits
  • Pizza Party and Live Concert Performance of the Album
  • T-Shirts
  • Concerts In Your Home

Preorders starting soon. Sign up to be notified when we launch. 11 days until I’m back at Old Bear Records.

Over the last year I have quietly been using a great app called crowdfire ( to run my social media and it has taken a lot of the work out of having a steady presence online. I’ve steadily gained about 3000 followers and have developed many new relationships along the way. It has even influenced the number of people who follow my Podcast (Voices In My Head) and helped the show into the top 100 chart on iTunes last summer.  Because it has been such a help to me, I wanted to give you a closer look at Crowdfire.

Crowdfire has helped me gain more followers on Twitter (follow me!), to gain more followers on your Facebook page (Like me!), and drive more traffic to your personal site (Me Again!).

It might interest some of you too so here I’m quickly going to reveal my secret weapon for steady, long-term Twitter and Facebook growth: the Crowdfire app.

So what is it?

The Crowdfire app is focused on improving engagement across social media platforms with the help of features like content recommendations and smart posts.

A big part of gaining social media followers is following others and interacting with them. But following lots of other people can take a lot of time that you may not have and risks being pointless if you’re not doing it correctly?

Gaining meaningful followers on social media is less about following people and more about creating relationships with the people you follow and who follow you.

You don’t want to simply follow random people and hope that they are interested in what you have to say, right? That’s pretty much a waste of time. Having random followers means that you’ll be less likely to have a long term, engaged audience. However, if you want to keep your brand exposed, you do have to keep following new people.

So here’s what you can make happen with Crowdfire:

1. Keep your social media timelines active using the content recommendations handpicked by Crowdfire depending on the topics you enter.
2. Promote your creations- After connecting your blog, Crowdfire makes it easy to promote all of your new updates on the blog across all of your social medias with the help of a few clicks. Crowdfire will draft beautiful posts for you with a link to your blogpost which you can share across all of your social medias together. This saves a lot of your time. You just create, Crowdfire will take care of the marketing.
3. Post and schedule social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and More.

`For Twitter`

4. Quickly and quietly unfollow people who aren’t following you (“non-followers”).

5. Follow relevant people based on who they are following. (“Competitor’s Followers”).

6. Follow relevant people based on keywords or hashtags that are relevant to your brand/interests (“Keyword Follow”).

7. Unfollow people who aren’t active on social media (“Inactive Following”).

8. Whitelist accounts you don’t want to unfollow or Blacklist people you do.

9. Check to see if a specific person (or account) is following another specific account.

How I  Use Crowdfire to Gain Twitter Followers

I use Crowdfire to gain Twitter and Facebook followers, and I also love Crowdfire’s  services for scheduling posts on those platforms. I can schedule a post for the best time for engagement and not even have to be online when it happens.

Some tools I use a lot are the “Non Followers” tool and the “Copy Followers” tool because I can “spend” my follows on meaningful people and accounts that are like mine.

The “Non Followers” tool is especially helpful in keeping your numbers low,  which is important because it’s best to keep the number of people you follow below the amount of people who are following you.

I also love the “Copy Followers” feature because I can choose other influencers in my niche, and then follow their followers.  For instance, If you love comic books then you can copy followers of your favorite writers.

You really need to get on Crowdfire to get the feel of it but I wanted to share a couple of screen shots with you so you can catch a glimpse of what it’s like as a user. Here is a screenshot of what Crowdfire looks like on a PC as well as a screenshot of what it looks like on the iPhone app.

crowdfire screenshot
PC Screenshot
iPhone Screenshot

For me, the very best thing about using the Crowdfire app is that is frees up my time. I can schedule posts, follow, and unfollow people one time a day, right from my phone, and it takes care of all my posting for me. I don’t have to be tied to my phone or PC for the rest of the day and am able to get some real work done like songwriting, service planning, and caring for my son.

Note: Due to the Terms and Conditions of various social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t allow the “Copy Followers” feature. Also, Instagram doesn’t support every feature mentioned here.

So how much is Crowdfire?

The price is the best news, Crowdfire has a free and paid version. Depending on your needs and how many accounts you want to manage it can be very affordable to manage your social media presence on Crowdfire.

That’s about it for now. That’s how I have gained over 3000 followers in about a year. I hope you have found this helpful and will give Crowdfire a try. (


Rick Lee James

Booking Black Square
Official Artist Booking Agreement For Rick Lee James


Join Rick Lee James this Friday at Lifeway Christian Store in Reynoldsburg Ohio for a concert celebrating the release of ‘Resurrection Hymns’, a Lifeway Worship Exclusive album featuring Rick Lee James and other artists. The concert starts at noon so come join us!

Resurrection Hymns Cover_bigger

Directions to The Venue: