Thunder – A Lost Rich Mullins Song – (This weekend is the 23rd anniversary of his death)

It’s hard to believe that it has been 23 years since we lost Rich Mullins. In a world full of breathtakingly amazing songwriters, I still think his writing is unparalleled.

I remember where I was on September 19th, 1977. I was at an outdoor music festival in Nashville waiting to hear Steven Curtis Chapman and Third Day. Just before Third Day came out to play, the festival promoter announced that Rich Mullins had passed away in a tragic car accident.

Thousands of people who had been pretty rowdy suddenly went silent. It was as if mass mourning had begun. I remember Third Day taking the stage and quietly singing the words, “Oh God, You Are My God, and I will ever praise You…step by step you’ll lead me, and I will follow you all of my days.

After Third Day left the stage, Steven Curtis Chapman took over. He spoke about how Rich’s lyrics were filled with a longing for home and that he would always pour over Rich’s lyrics in the album liners He then dedicated a new song to Rich, and debuted “Not Home Yet”.

Well, Rich is home now, and we are all awaiting resurrection, living in the already and the not yet.

A little over a year ago I had the chance to record and release a Rich Mullins song that never made it onto one of his albums. The song Thunder was co-written by Phil Naish and Lowell Alexander. It probably won’t be remembered in the long list of Rich Mullins most remembered songs, but it will always be special to me for the way it touched my life.

Telling the story of the disruptive Thunderous grace of Jesus through this song has been a real privilege for me. In honor of Rich, and more importantly, in honor of his Savior, I wanted to share Thunder again today.

I’m curious, what are your Rich Mullins memories? Where were you when you heard the news of his passing? How has his music influenced your life?

If you would like to know more about Rich Mullins from one of his close friends, I had a great conversation with Shane Claiborne on my Podcast where he told stories about his friend. I encourage you to give it a listen here.

Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #234: Shane Claiborne talks about Rich Mullins, Ragamuffins, and Ordinary Radicals

Shane Claiborne is a follower of Jesus and following Jesus has led him on many adventures. Following Jesus has taken him from the streets of Calcutta where he worked with Mother Teresa to the wealthy suburbs of Chicago where he served at the influential mega-church Willow Creek.

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Song Preview From Rick Lee James Upcoming Album

This video was recorded as a Facebook Live Broadcast to help raise funding for a new studio album.

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This Press Release Originally Appeared on ABNewswire


Musician and singer Rick Lee James is all set to carry on the legacy of Rich Mullins, the American contemporary Christian music singer, and songwriter, best known for his worship songs “Awesome God” and “Step by Step”. In the summer of 2017, in the middle of writing and planning a new studio album, James received a phone call from Rich Mullins’ first publisher Randy Cox. Randy kindly asked if there would be a place for some of Rich Mullins’ unpublished music on James’ new record. After hearing the Mullins’ song ‘Thunder’, James gladly committed to recording it. With the lyrics, “It sounded like thunder when you cleared the temple”, Thunder sets the tone for the entire project. This new album is designed to shake things up a bit.

To meet the financial needs for this new full-length album, James has started a crowdfunding campaign on with a goal of $10,200. As an emerging artist who has been deeply inspired by the music and life of Rich Mullins, the project means a lot to him and he is ready to put his heart and soul into it.

Rick is a worship leader, singer, and songwriter, author, speaker and Podcast host with over twenty years of experience in the ministry. He also had the privilege to share the gospel through music to various venues such as the world-famous Ryman Auditorium and the National Worship Leader Conference. Even with the experience he has, James has both great elation and caution when approaching the music of a CCM icon like Rich Mullins. “Rich Mullins is to Christian music what Bob Dylan is to secular music”, says James. “There’s a great deal of pressure not only to be true to what Rich envisioned but to make something that his fans can be proud of”.

In addition to the lost music by Rich Mullins, this new album will be filled with James’ own original songs, re-imagined hymns, and congregational music that deals with tough issues like loving our enemies and learning how to lament in worship.

The album is being made at Old Bear Studio in Buffalo, New York with the popular rootsy folk group, Brothers McClurg, as the backing band. Rich Mullins’ song ‘Thunder’, and an original song by James called “The Love of Christ” have already been recorded. Once the album is fully funded, Rick will head back to New York in March to finish the project with producer Chris Hoisington. The funds raised from the campaign will be used to cover the costs of paying for studio time, musicians, engineers, photographers, videographers, and various other productions costs.

The backers of the album receive will various perks by supporting the campaign, such as free signed copies of the CD, personalized gifts from Rick’s private media collections, guest spots on the Voices In My Head Podcast, an autographed electric guitar, a trip to the recording studio and much more.

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