I’m grateful to CCLI for featuring two more of my songs, published by Lifeway Worship. Two more of my music videos were just added to CCLI TV today. Special thanks to the directors of the two videos, Rick Stull (Christ Is Lord) and Jason Elam (The Invitation). This makes the third song from ‘Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations’ to be featured by CCLI.

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My guest on this episode of Voices In My Head is Stephen Tobolowsky. Stephen is one of the leading character actors in film today. USA Today listed Stephen as the 9th most frequently seen actor in movies; he has appeared over 200 movies and television shows. See here for credits.

He is best known for playing Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day, Sammy Jankis in Memento, Werner Brandes in Sneakers, Happy Chapman in Garfield, and Mr. Bates in Freaky Friday.  On television, he played Tor Ekland on Seinfeld, Hugo Jarry on Deadwood, Bob Bishop on Heroes,  Sandy Ryerson on Glee and Stu Beggs on Californication. He is currently on screen in Silicon Valley and The Goldbergs.  Stephen will also appear in Netflix’s new series by Norman Lear, One Day at a Time (a new generation remake!); season 2 starts filming in June.

He wrote and performed Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party and The Primary Instinct, and wrote True Stories with David Byrne and Beth Henley.

His podcast with David Chen “The Tobolowsky Files” is available at Slashfilm.com and on iTunes, and also previously broadcast on KUOW 94.9 in Seattle, on WFPL in Louisville, KY and many stations through Public Radio International (PRI).*

His first book of stories, The Dangerous Animals Club, is published by Simon & Schuster September 25, 2012.  His second book, My Adventures with God, is now available everywhere, also published by Simon & Schuster.

Fun Facts:

He performed with Stevie Ray Vaughn when Stevie was 14 and cut the first songs Stevie ever performed.

*David Chen’s update on /Film: Public Radio International Announces a New Radio Show Based on The Tobolowsky Files.

For the last 10 years, Stephen has taught Classes in Improv and Comedy offered through Kalmenson & Kalmenson.

If you are wondering where you might have seen him, Stephen’s many television and film credits are listed here: Stephen Tobolowsky at IMDb



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CCLI features Rick Lee James Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing) music video and sheet music.

Screenshot from CCLITV.com

It was such an honor to discover that the music video and sheet music for “Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing)” are being featured right now on CCLItv.com.

In the same way that purchasing a song from iTunes ensures that an artist is properly compensated for their work, CCLI guarantees a paycheck for worship song writers enabling churches to have real-time access to licensed Christian music and media while easing the burden of administration in the many complex issues related to copyright.

Thank you CCLI for featuring my music as we head into the Advent season.

Rick Lee James

Twitter: @RickLeeJames

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/RickLeeJames



Crowder In Concert At Rock The Lake 2016 – Rick Lee James Plays Stage 2 at 1:45pm

Starting this Saturday, August 6th, Shine FM will be sponsoring two full days of Christian music at Old Field Beach at Indian Lake State Park, Hwy 235, Lakeview, OH. Award winning “Crowder” will be the headliner and final act for the evening. Come on our for an amazing time of worship and music. I’ll be playing on Stage 2 at 1:45pm.



Worship Leader Magazine Song DISCovery

Christ Is Lord (Christ Before Me), the first single from my album “Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations” will be featured in the September/October release of Worship Leader’s Song DISCovery. Be watching https://songdiscovery.com/ in September and October for more information.

National Worship Leader Conference 2016 in Kansas City

Worship Leader Magazine has invited me to be part of the National Worship Leader Conference in Kansas City, October 5th-6th. If you are going to be there, please come and say hello. I look forward to being a guest at what I’m sure is going to be an amazing event. I’m grateful to Worship Leader Magazine for extending an invitation.


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POdcast Listen

This episode of Voices In My Head is actually an episode of another podcast titled, Things Not Seen. David Dault is the host of the show and back on March 26th when my latest album released, David was kind enough to feature me as the guest on his program. I really think you are going to enjoy our conversation. Things Not Seen is a nationally syndicated radio show and podcast that serves as a ministry of the Sunday Evening Club. Find our more about Things Not Seen and my new album (Hymns, Prayers,and Invitations) at this link. http://www.thingsnotseenradio.com/2016/2016/4/27/1605-new-tunes-for-beloved-words-rick-lee-james.html#.V4Min1KTLhW


I recently was reading about George Washington Carver again in a wonderful book written in 1955 by Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn. The book does a wonderful job showing us that there need not be a conflict between faith and science. This passage from the book, about the life of George Washington Carver moves me deeply. I thought many of my readers would also,appreciate it so here is a passage from the book, Little Lower Than The Angels, on the life of Dr. George Washington Carver.

“George Washington Carver was one of America’s greatest heroes. This despite the fact that he never wore a uniform or piloted a plane or carried a gun. He was a great hero of science. The son of Negro slaves in the south, he overcame unbelievable handicaps in his search for a scientific education, and despite poverty and discrimination, advanced to the point where he became an outstanding chemist and college instructor in science.
Greatly worried over the fact that the South was entirely dependent upon its cotton crop– and the price of cotton was so uncertain – he set about to discover possible unsuspected uses for the peanut, another crop wide–spread in the South. Up to that time, the peanut was considered almost a waste product of the soil. Dr. Carver, to begin with, found the peanut to be one of the most nutritious foods in the world; it contains very nearly every food element required to sustain human life. Then through patient research and experimentation, he discovered more than 100 commercial uses for peanuts and peanut oil. As a result, the agricultural economy of the South was practically revolutionized.
The peanut became a major crop in many southern states, chiefly because of the scientific genius of a Negro chemist who wasn’t even recognized as a human being by many of those whom he most greatly benefited. To the end of his life, when Dr. Carver lectured at a convention of distinguished white scientists anywhere in the south in order to share with them the results of his work, he was forced to use rear entrances and freight elevators, and could not eat publicly with those whom he was instructing. All because his skin happened to be a little darker than theirs!
Another person might have become angered or embittered by such experiences. But Dr. Carver retained a sweetness of character which was quite as remarkable as his scientific genius. He was also a very deeply religious person, which brings us to the point of discussing him in this chapter. He wrote a number of statements which can help us greatly in our present search to discover whether or not there must be a conflict between religion and science. For example: “I discover nothing in my laboratory. If I come here of myself, I am lost… I am God’s servant, his agent, for here God and I are alone. I am just the instrument three which he speaks, and I would be able to do more if I were able to stay in closer touch with him. With my prayers I mix my labors, and sometimes God is pleased to bless the results. “
That, you will admit, is quite a remarkable statement, especially coming as it does from so imminent a scientist.
But there were many equally impressive sentiments voiced by Dr. Carver. On one occasion he said, “Without God to draw aside the curtain I will be helpless.” Another time he said, “What I have done, I have done in communion with God. He has revealed all these marvelous things to me. I deserve no credit for them whatever….My laboratory has been called God’s workshop by Dr. Glenn Clark and so it is.”

Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn – A Little Lower Than The Angels – copyright 1955 by Union of American Hebrew Congregations