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The Psalms: you’ve heard them read in church, adapted into worship songs and maybe glanced through them once or twice. But have you ever asked yourself what the message is behind this moving yet enigmatic book? Have you ever let the Psalms truly speak to you, or, to put it more accurately, let God speak to you through them? In Out of the Depths, singer and song-writer Rick Lee James invites you to do precisely that. Using a unique blend of personal stories, scholarship and pastoral insight, Rick walks you through the Book of Psalms in 10 deep and powerful chapters. He invites you to learn more, feel more and, above all, hear from God through the Psalms more than you ever have before.

Whether you’ve read the Psalms a hundred times or aren’t familiar with them at all, Out of the Depths is a book that will challenge you and help you to look at the Bible’s prayer book, the Book of Psalms, in an entirely new light.

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Take the $5.00 Challenge - Make The Record
Take the $5.00 Challenge – Make The Record

A couple of years ago I came across a book in my local public library that literally changed the way I think about forgiveness and the mercy of God called, “Unconditional?: The Call of Jesus To Radical Forgiveness”. The author of this book was a man named Brian Zahnd. I’ve since read and re-read every book that he has written. I guess you could say that in man ways I became a disciple of Zahnd. One of the greatest honors I’ve ever had was to share an advance copy of my book, “Out of the Depths” with Brian Zahnd in order to get his thoughts on it. What I received back from him was an incredibly gracious endorsement of the book that I am so happy to share with you. I wanted to share it here with you.


There are only 6 days left to give at Kickstarter.com to help get this book published. If we can raise $290 more we will be able to print the book in hardcover. I hope you will consider pre-ordering Out of the Depths on Kickstarter.com and in turn be a part of publishing this new project.

Thank You,

Rick Lee James


Back from the Road

I had an incredible weekend playing music in Indiana. On Sunday morning I led music at Southdale Church of the Nazarene in Anderson and was blessed by the presence of God in our service and by the warmth of the people there. Sunday evening took me to Bluffton where over 400 people were in attendance at the 4-H pavillion. It was my first time to play a concert in Bluffton so I was amazed to see so many people singing along with my songs at their annual church gathering.

10 Days Left

Thanks to the generosity of new donors in Indiana this weekend we are now only $300 short of being able to print my book, Out of the Depths: A Songwriter’s Journey Through the Psalms, in hardcover. If you haven’t donated yet there’s still time. Simply go to Kickstarter.com and search for Out of the Depths to donate.  Below you will see a list of the rewards that donors will receive when they back this book. With Christmas around the corner I just want to remind you that they make great presents!





Wow, what a great Sunday. Had a great day of leading music at church and great fellowship with our people. When I arrived home tonight I saw that we had another donor and we are now only $365.00 away from meeting our goal.

God has been so good and I am so grateful to all of you who have been so generous by helping me to raise the funds to publish this book. I can’t wait to share your rewards with you in the not too distant future.

Thank you for posting links to the Kickstarter page on your social media and for talking it up with your friends. I couldn’t do this without your help.


Rick Lee James


Many thanks to Music Pastor Brannon Hancock and the music team at Xenia Church of the Nazarene for including one of my sillier songs (We Lost The G) in their Sunday service this past week. They even made a funny little music video to go with it. I never thought one of my songs would be featured in a video with the Rock, but here it is. Thanks my friends. For those of you interested, you can buy my version of the song buy clicking on this CDBaby link.cdbaby-music-store-logo

-Rick Lee James