Podcast #119 – Questions From God – part 4 of 10


Podcast Episode #92_Jesus Is Lord

  LISTEN HERE:  This week we feature favorite bulletin bloopers on Question of the Week and I talk about on of the earliest statements of the Christian faith, Jesus Is Lord. Inspired by a post on my Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/RickLeeJames  Voices In My Head is a Podcast dedicated to covering things like comics, movies, books, musicContinue reading “Podcast Episode #92_Jesus Is Lord”

Podcast #40: Going Catholic with Ben DeBono

Listen Here:  Ben Debono is the co-creator and co-host of the Sci-Fi Christian Podcast.  Until recently he was an associate pastor at Epic Life church in Anoka Minnesota.  After a careful study of church history and much prayer,  Ben and his wife felt led to leave the protestant tradition and convert to the ancient faith of Catholicism.  We discussContinue reading “Podcast #40: Going Catholic with Ben DeBono”

Question of the Week

Question of the Week.   Question Of the Week (Week of September 21st): “What Is Your Favorite band from the 1960’s?” Answer here, on Facebook,  or call in an audio answer at (937) 505-0162. The first caller will win a Justice League Comic Book for the new DC 52. Family members excluded from prizes 🙁 Sorry EachContinue reading “Question of the Week”

Podcast Episode #37 with Guest: Eddie Kirkland

Listen Here: I was really blessed to have a conversation with Eddie Kirkland for this week’s Podcast.  Eddie is a talented songwriter and worship leader who has a great story to tell. He is featured in featured the current issue of Worship Leader Magazine for his amazing new album titled, “Kings and Queens”.  It’s oneContinue reading “Podcast Episode #37 with Guest: Eddie Kirkland”

Podcast #26 with Guest Cindy Wilt Colville (and music by Bob Hussong and Jerry Andrews)

Listen Here Cindy Wilt Colville is a 25 year veteran of the Christian music industry. Her passion is developing creative and skilled songwriters. Cindy started her music career with award-winning producer and songwriter Greg Nelson where she was production manager on five gold and two platinum records. She was also the production manager for StevenContinue reading “Podcast #26 with Guest Cindy Wilt Colville (and music by Bob Hussong and Jerry Andrews)”