Old Bear New Signs Artist Kurtis Parks

Old Bear Records is excited to announce our newest artist signing, Kurtis Parks.  Kurtis has been a longtime friend to the community at Old Bear, and we couldn’t be happier to get to release his new Folk hymn project “Hymn Like” to you in October!

Kurtis has an extensive history as both a songwriter, and worship leader.  His heart for serving the local church is inspiring, and his authentic passion to connect people with Jesus through songs permeates every artistic effort he releases.

When we discovered that Kurtis was working on a project that took an organic sounding approach with creative elements incorporated into traditional and historical Christian hymns – our interest was piqued right away.  Many of us at Old Bear grew up on hymns and value the depth of lyrical content and effectiveness of teaching the timeless truths of the Bible through lyrics and melodies.  Upon hearing what he was working on, we felt Kurtis’ “Hymn Like” project would be a wonderful fit in our growing catalog of new and fresh expressions of faith inspired music that could serve the local church.

Be on the look out for “Hymn Like” releasing on October 19th!  We know people of all ages and church backgrounds are going to love this album as much as we do!

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Old Bear Records is releasing its first instrumental album on October 12th by artist Ed Chilungu

Old Bear Records is releasing its first instrumental album on October 12th by artist Ed Chilungu.

This is a very special and unique release my friends at Old Bear Records due to the nature of Ed’s backstory, and OBR’ personal belief in his incredible musical abilities as well as his heart to share his Christian faith through instrumental compositions despite living with schizoaffective disorder for the majority of his adult life.

You’ll see noted in the highlight portion of the press release below, that Old Bear Records has a promotional schedule for Ed’s album including the release of a single named “Return” on September 21st; a written article in Old Bear’s “Bear Tracks” series to be distributed on October 1st; a musical documentary on the making of Ed’s album through a series called “Harmonized Sounds” on October 5th; and an interview with Ed on “Bear Tone Podcast” releasing on October 16th four days after the release of Ed’s album.

Check out the full press release below.

-Rick Lee James

Edward Chilungu

Edward Chilungu

New Album, SoundTracks, available on October 12, 2018
Edward Chilungu
New Album, SoundTracks, available on October 12, 2018
“I play music as a means for me to find communion with God. I want my music to be a means that invites others to
have communion with God too.” Meet Ed Chilungu. Ed is one of the most talented and interesting people that
we’ve ever worked with. When you sit in a room with him while he’s composing and sharing music – two things
become very evident. One – he’s a gift to music lovers. Two – his main goal through his music and life is for
people to have encounters with Jesus.
Early on in his life, Ed was on his way towards being a professional concert pianist when a set of circumstances
changed the trajectory of his life and was ultimately diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. During the process
of readjustment and finding a new direction – Ed was exposed to hearing a friend and fellow student playing
piano in a way that Ed describes as “so fluid and different that he had to know what the difference was.” His
friend happened to be a Christian, and the fluidity of his playing was attributing to something that would be selfdescribed
as a playing that was inspired by a personal worship and prayer that came through the melodies he
played. Ed had yet to experience this type of playing that he now calls “a flow,” but knew it was something he
longed to incorporate into his own playing and experience for himself.
Through the years Ed has taken his jazz and classical training and combined them with modern worship to create a
hybrid of musical expression that begins through his own personal worship through music that leads to him seeking
the heart of the Father and translating it through compositions that he believes has inherent qualities of blessing, and
healing that make up the DNA of the compositions he creates. In many ways – it’s how he prays and how he hears
the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit impart more of God into every area of his life and the lives of his listeners.

Track Listing
1. Return
2. Roy Hobbs
3. Lucia’s Life
4. Jessica’s Song
5. Winter Winds
6. Angels
7. Restitution
8. King David’s Dream
September 21 Single- “Return”
October 1st- Bear Tracks Article
October 5th – Harmonized Sounds Episode
October 12th – “Soundtracks” Full Release
October 16th – Bear Tone Podcast Episode


Song Preview From Rick Lee James Upcoming Album

This video was recorded as a Facebook Live Broadcast to help raise funding for a new studio album.

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