St. Patrick’s Day $0.99 Sale on Rick Lee James’ Book

St. Patrick’s Day Sale! For one day only get Rick Lee James’ book, “Out of the Depths: a Songwriter’s Journey Through The Psalms”for only $0.99 cents on Kindle when you use this link. #OutoftheDepths

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Today only get Rick Lee James' book on Kindle for only $0.99 cents. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Today only get Rick Lee James’ book on Kindle for only $0.99 cents. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Also, don't miss Rick's Podcast interview with Singer & Songwriter Paul Baloche
Also, don’t miss Rick’s Podcast interview with Singer & Songwriter Paul Baloche

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What Others Are Saying About Our of the Depths:


“Rick Lee James has accomplished what I have been trying to do for decades; bring together the thoughtful reader with the discerning listener. He has written an important introduction to the Psalter which opens the door to his own musical interpretations.”


Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, & Author

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“The Psalms take up more real estate in the Bible than any other book. This ancient Jewish hymnal is an anthology of lyrics for one hundred and fifty songs. These God-obsessed poems are not to be blithely read, but prayed, or better yet chanted and sung. To properly approach the Psalms we need to abandon the didactic and embrace the poetic, but this does not come naturally for everyone. What we need is the artistic sensibilities of a songwriter to guide us. This is precisely what Rick Lee James brings to the Psalms in his wonderful book Out Of The Depths. As a pastor/songwriter/musician Rick Lee James is uniquely suited to introduce us to the Psalms and help us see how these three thousand year old songs speak to the whole range of human experience in the light of brutal honesty and radical trust in God. I highly recommend Out Of The Depths!”


Pastor of Word of Life Church, St. Joseph, Missouri & Author of A Farewell To Mars (2014)

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“My friend, Rick Lee James, reminded me that Christian art can still be thoughtful and profound in his beautiful record “Basement Psalms Live.”  In this companion book, Rick brings the depth of his attentive songwriting to life by highlighting the intention, the community, and the reverence that the Biblical Psalms have demanded from people of faith since their inception. Most important, Rick’s writing expounds on the deep sense of hope and joy that is the palatable foundation of his music. I highly recommend this book.”


Author of Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road To Joy, Educator, & Speaker

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“Part memoir, part biblical commentary, part album liner notes, Out of the Depths is a unique and refreshing exploration of the Psalms. Rick Lee James offers a compelling, insightful overview both of the theological contributions of the Psalms but also their inspiration for his own musical pursuits. The result is a soul-enriching journey through the highs, lows, joys and laments of the Christian life.”


Author of Gray Matters: Navigating the Space Between Legalism and Liberty

craig adams

Rick Lee James’ insight into the Psalms is refreshing! His love of songs and worship find thought-provoking expression in this truly inspirational book!


Creative/Publishing Director For Lifeway Worship