Basement Psalms: That’s A Wrap

Basement Psalms Is A Wrap

I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate all of you who came to my concert taping of Basement Psalms at the Clifton Opera House last night. We are hoping that the the DVD/CD will be ready for release early in the new year. To Jon Finney, Rick Stull and Media ExplosionBrannon Hancock, Brad Phipps,Jordan Wood and the girls from Emmanuel ChoirBrenda Walter and the Clifton Opera House staff,  all the camera runners, Karen Eversole, Cindy Sandlin and every person in the audience: there is absolutely no way this could have been pulled off without you. Thanks you so much for your help in making this DVD what it will be when it is released. You made it special and I can’t wait to share the release with you all.


Rick lee James

Podcast #27: Jon Finney & Out Of Truth Records

Jon Finney, Owner of Out Of Truth Records


Out of Truth Records was founded in June 2011 by Jon Finney.  Jon believes the Lord is birthing new art and talent, not only in Nashville and L. A., but in the smaller cities and towns in the United States.  Out of Truth Records seeks to provide a place where Indie musicians can record a professional sounding album with industry standard equipment at a lower cost to them. Jon and his staff are always thinking of new ways to create music in ways that wouldn’t fit into the normal way of doing things. His strong belief is that the Lord has given  talents and we don’t want to give him any less of our efforts to just be mediocre. Excellence can be achieved while still having fun, they actually usually go hand in hand with one another when you are in one his studio.  You are going to really enjoy hearing about all that Out Of Truth records has to offer Indie artists. It’s my great pleasure to welcome Jon Finney to the show today.

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