Be Thou My Vision – A Hymn Story

Be Thou My Vision – A Hymn Story In 433 A. D., the Irish King, Logaire of Tara, had enacted a decree that no one could light candles on the Eve of Easter because it coincided with the Druid Feast of Bealtine and the Spring Eqinox. It was the tradition of these Pagan festivals toContinue reading “Be Thou My Vision – A Hymn Story”

Holy Week Reflections

Holy Week Monday Reflection More Faithful Than Spiritual You know how people are always saying that they are “spiritual” but not religious? They mean Spiritual but not faithful, right? I mean Jesus always talked in very concrete terms about faith and he put that faith into action. I don’t believe he ever spoke in “spiritual”Continue reading “Holy Week Reflections”

Free Easter Album, Sheet Music, and Book from Rick Lee James

“Freely you received, freely give.” — Matthew 10:8 Get a free Easter album with Sheet music from Rick Lee James on Noisetrade Easter Worship Experience 2014 with Rick Lee James on Also, as a bonus for Holy Week, download Rick Lee James’s book, Out of the Depths on Noisetrade Books.  

Music For Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter

With Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and the Season of Easter fast approaching, here are some new hymn arrangements that Worship Music Leaders Might Find of Use.   FREE SHEET MUSIC for these arrangements and more can be found at this link:     Christ The Lord Is Risen Today Cross Medley: Hallelujah, What AContinue reading “Music For Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter”