Voices In My Head Podcast # 245: Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant



This episode comes to you courtesy of the Hoganson Media Agency who invited Voices In My Head Podcast to experience the incredible Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant Christmas Tour in Columbus Ohio. It was an incredible night of music complete with live orchesta, snowball fights, and a remarkable presentation by Compassion International.

On this episode I also share some live improvised Christmas music and talk about a new take on Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol by the late Havey Kurtzman called, “Marley’s Ghost”.

Merry Christmas and Thanks For Listening,

Rick Lee James

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I’m kind of a big deal in Canada…lol

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I just found out that I am appearing in a national Canadian news story. No, not for my amazing musical abilities or my dearly loved weekly Podcast, but for a Twitter post that I made about Hostess. Excuse me while I get too for for my britches. I’m kind of a big deal in Canada. (Said with all the sarcasm I can muster.) If you want to see that article that accompanies this picture you  click on the picture below.

Rick Lee James