The Invitation Official Music Video

[code][code] The Invitation (Official Music Video) performed by Rick Lee James. Rick Lee James Links: •Web Site: •CCM Magazine Feature: •Booking: •Sheet Music, Audio Tracks, and More: •YouTube Channel: •Facebook Page: • •Amazon: Copyright (C) 2015 © Copyright 2014, Assigned 2015 McKinney Music, Inc. (BMI) (admin. by LifeWayContinue reading “The Invitation Official Music Video”

Episode #88: Charlie Sinclair- God Is With Us

Listen Here:  Charlie Sinclair is a content producer at Lifeway Worship in Nashville Tennessee. His new Advent/Christmas project, God Is With Us: A Christmas Worship Experience, is nothing short of amazing. It’s a chronological telling of the Christmas story, beginning with the pre-incarnate Christ and moving through the Advent carols, Jesus’ birth, and our response to “the WordContinue reading “Episode #88: Charlie Sinclair- God Is With Us”

Christians & Violence …or… (You Can Take It, But You Can’t Dish It Out)

I’m not saying this to be argumentative, just sharing my honest thoughts. Convince me that Jesus would ever use violence against anyone and I’ll be convinced that followers of Jesus may resort to it as well. Violence may be the best idea men can come up with but that doesn’t mean Jesus endorses it. Sure,Continue reading “Christians & Violence …or… (You Can Take It, But You Can’t Dish It Out)”

Worship Music for St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of my favorite Saint, Patrick of Ireland, I wanted to share a song I wrote with my friend Eddie Kirkland. There are not a lot of modern worship songs that celebrate the life and legacy of St. Patrick and there are few other Christian holy days that have been so far removed fromContinue reading “Worship Music for St. Patrick’s Day”