Crowder, Song DISCovery, NWLC & More…

Crowder In Concert At Rock The Lake 2016 – Rick Lee James Plays Stage 2 at 1:45pm Starting this Saturday, August 6th, Shine FM will be sponsoring two full days of Christian music at Old Field Beach at Indian Lake State Park, Hwy 235, Lakeview, OH. Award winning “Crowder” will be the headliner and finalContinue reading “Crowder, Song DISCovery, NWLC & More…”

Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #166_things Not Seen With David Dault

This episode of Voices In My Head is actually an episode of another podcast titled, Things Not Seen. David Dault is the host of the show and back on March 26th when my latest album released, David was kind enough to feature me as the guest on his program. I really think you are goingContinue reading “Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #166_things Not Seen With David Dault”

Walter Brueggemann with Rick Lee James on the Voices In My Head Podcast: Episode #152

What a treat is was to have Dr. Walter Brueggemann on the Voices In My Head Podcast. We had such a great discussion talking about theology, music, and where we will go if we die tonight

The Spirituality of Dishes

This might sound strange, but I had a very clear God moment while washing the dishes recently. We had just eaten a delicious supper, pizza in fact, I mean what is better than that? We ate it on the back deck outside in nearly perfect weather conditions. As I took the dishes inside and startedContinue reading “The Spirituality of Dishes”

Batman V Superman Trailer – Watch It Here

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer, Released at San Diego Comic Con on July 11th, 2015 I am so excited about this movie. If you need me, I’ll be watching this trailer over, and over and over again. Rick Lee James Listen To My Podcast at

Voices In My Head Podcast #142: Peter Enns – The Bible Tells Me So

This week on the Voices In My Head Podcast, Peter Enns joins us to talk about his latest book and we discuss 10 things he wishes everyone knew about the Bible. You can buy all of Peter’s book on Amazon through this link.

Judge Me

It seems like everyone is always railing against being judged in our society but our social media is set up in such a way that proves we all want to be judged, otherwise we wouldn’t be on Facebook and Instagram. The issue isn’t that we don’t want to be judged, it’s that we don’t wantContinue reading “Judge Me”

Rick Lee James Clearance Sale on Everything Must Go…Literally!!!

Rick Lee James 2015 Clearance Sale. Everything Rick Lee James on Amazon Must Go.

Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #132 – Renovating Holiness with Joshua Broward

This week’s guest, Joshua Broward is the co-editor (with Thomas J. Oord) and compiler of a new book called Renovating Holiness which releases January 17th and can be pre-ordered at Younger leaders around the world are approaching holiness with new eyes, new vision, and a burning passion to help the Church engage the missionContinue reading “Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #132 – Renovating Holiness with Joshua Broward”

Three New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep In 2015 To Support Indie Musicians

  Three Resolutions You Can Keep a.) I Will Buy The Music I Listen To b.) I Will Share Links To The Music I Like With My Friends (especially when I get it for free) c.)I Will Support Indie Music