A Few Pics From Sunday Night

Sunday Evening I was blessed to play music for over 1000 people in Veteran’s Park at the 2014 Springfield Sing’s concert, organized by the Nehemiah Foundation. It was a terrific night of worship with people from all over the city. My performance from that evening should be available on this web site in the nearContinue reading “A Few Pics From Sunday Night”

Holy Week Reflections

Holy Week Monday Reflection More Faithful Than Spiritual You know how people are always saying that they are “spiritual” but not religious? They mean Spiritual but not faithful, right? I mean Jesus always talked in very concrete terms about faith and he put that faith into action. I don’t believe he ever spoke in “spiritual”Continue reading “Holy Week Reflections”

Worship Music for St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for music for St. Patrick’s Day 2014? Below you will find the music and lead sheet for St. Patrick’s Pray (Christ Before Me) written by Rick Lee James and Eddie Kirkland. Enjoy! Download This Song On Bandcamp.com