Standing On The Wall: Prayers To Preserve The Integrity of a Nation with Jannah Scott – Episode 393

Standing On The Wall: Prayers To Preserve The Integrity of a Nation with Jannah Scott – Episode 393 


Standing on the Wall 

Prayers to Preserve the Integrity of a Nation 

A New Book by Jannah Scott 

Standing on the Wall is a heart-felt manifestation of the sincere prayers of intercessors who have committed their lives to pray for the United States of America. The book focuses on prayers that each person can pray as we seek peace, prosperity and preservation for our Nation, its leaders and its people. 

Filled with prayers founded in the Word of God and reflecting upon the US Constitution, this book is a way to express to God that we acknowledge His omniscience and omnipresence in our history, our lives and our future. It is the author’s hope that people all over the country use this book to pray for the integrity of this great Nation to be preserved.



Standing on the Wall challenges us to break down  

the walls of division and cry out to God together.”  

—Dr. Terry Lee, Founder, White House Prayer Initiative



About the Author: Jannah Scott 

Minister of the Gospel, Strategist, Planner, Advisor, Public Policy Expert — Jannah  Scott has served in many capacities with faith, government, business and the nonprofit  community. Jannah is passionate about praying for the United States of America, its  elected and appointed leaders and the people of this great Nation. God’s assignment on  Jannah’s life has included ministry to and with people at all levels of society from the  homeless to high-ranking State and Federal elected and appointed government officials  – both in the US and abroad. She currently serves as a preacher, a spiritual ambassador,  and a teacher of the Gospel of Jesus.

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