Saying No To God with Matthew J. Korpman – Episode 378

Saying No To God with Matthew J. Korpman – Episode 378

Saying 'NO' to God (with Mathew J. Korpman) — The Story Church Project

My guest today on Voices In My Head is Matthew J. Korpman. Matthew is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church who has served as both a student pastor and chaplain within the denomination and has also served as a homilist for various parishes outside the denomination, including the Episcopal church. He holds three Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in Theology, Archaeology, Philosophy, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Screenwriting, all from La Sierra University. In his new book Saying No to God: A Radical Approach to Reading the Bible Faithfully, Matthew makes the case that Blessed are those who defy God. Although bumper stickers abound that propose otherwise, the Bible itself reveals that just because “God says it,” does not, in fact, mean “that settles it.” On the contrary, Korpman contends that a close reading of Scripture reveals that God does not want us to blindly obey him, but rather, invites us to “lock hands” with him and fight. The purpose of this book is to show another way to understand the Bible, one in which readers are not asked to accept what God says, but on the contrary: to say no to it, not because they merely want to, but because the God of the Bible actually requires it.

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