Rick Lee James News October 2011

Happy Monday,

Making music has been keeping me pretty busy lately but I wanted to take a moment to update you on some exciting things.

The Rick Lee James and Friends 2011 Pickin’ Party

Friday November 18th


$10.00 per person

Concert to Benefit World Vision Child Sponsorship.

This year’s Pickin’ Party is just around the corner now and this year I am pleased to add to the artist roster “Kids Helping Kids” as well as “Daniel Dye and the Miller Road Band“. We are all looking forward to a great evening of music and celebrating the God who inspires all creativity. Our goal is to get as many World Vision child sponsorships as we can while playing great music in the historic Clifton Opera House in Clifton Ohio. Make sure to RSVP for the event as seating is limited.

Rick Lee James LIVE on 100.7 WEEC

Thursday October 27th

3:00PM Eastern Time

This Thursday, October 27th, I will be LIVE on WEEC sharing music telling you more about this Year’s Pickin’ Party as well as other RLJ happenings. If you don’t live in Ohio you can stream the show online at 3:00pm Eastern Time on 100.7FM WEEC.

Six Degrees of Kelly Clarkson

I’m very excited to tell you that Michael Logen, a friend who joined us at last Year’s Pickin’ Party, wrote a song that is on Kelly Clarkson’s new album Stronger which released today. The song “Breaking Your Own Heart” was written by Michael and Jennifer Hanson. We are all very excited for Michael and I encourage you to download the song today. It’s worth way more than the .99 cents it costs to buy it.

Free Rick Lee James Mobile App

Don’t miss out on the free Rick Lee James mobile app, available through reverbnation.com.

I want to thank you all for your love and support on this amazing life of making music for God. You truly bless me. Drop me a line and let me know how you are. Also, I’d love your suggestions for songs you would like to hear at this year’s pickin’ party.

Rick Lee James