Private Storm

Verse 1

He leans into the wind of a blowing sideways rain.

He fights so brave and strong ‘til his life is nearly drained

He’s battered on the rocks of the silence of the Lord

That echoes through the night of His own private storm

Verse 2

And it’s just another night but it’s the darkest he has known

And he can barely stand upright but the storm still rages on

And through his blurry eyes he searches for the dawn

He’s fighting for his life through his own private storm

Chorus 1:

And it’ll spin him all about.

It’ll toss him all around.

It’ll throw him in the air and it’ll slam him to the ground

It’ll make him start to ask if there ever was a God

And in this private storm will there ever be a calm? Will there be a calm?

Verse 2

Cause God’s silence is not golden when you’re hanging on a cross

And you’re fighting every storm humankind has ever fought.

And it’s true that God won’t give anymore than we can bear

But the storm is not from God and it doesn’t really care.

So the storm beat Him down and it took His life away

But three days in the ground and rising from the grave

Will carry every soul who is battered in the rains

And it tells us that the gales will not have the final say

And your own private storm, it will not win this fight

Cause your own private storm has been crucified with Christ.

Chorus 1:

And it may spin you all about.

It may toss you all around.

It might throw you in the air and it may slam you to the ground

And it may make you start to ask if there ever was a God

But in this private storm He will be the calm. He will the be a calm.

© 2010 Rick L. James
Rick James

BMI Work # 12132877