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Episode 181: Walter Brueggemann Returns

Episode 180 -The Brothers McClurg’s Anthony Hoisington 

Episode 179: Racism In America – A Conversation with Randy Smoot and Brandon Sipes

Episode #178: The Sermons of Karl Barth – Part 2

Episode # 177: Journey’s Jonathan Cain and What God Wants

Podcast #176: Watching, Waiting, Longing and the Advent Hymn Music Video

Episode #175: Caleb Ingram and Declare Dayton

Episode #174: The Sermons of Karl Barth – Part 1

Episode #173: Michael Logen

Episode #172: Brian L Powell

Episode #171: Dave Dooley

Episode #170: Praying On The Road

Episode #169: The Life Cycle of Empires

Episode #168: Opening For Crowder, Suicide Squad, and Other News

Episode #167: Praying For Our Enemies

Episode #166_Things Not Seen with David Dault

Episode #165_Dr. Jesse Middendorf

Episode #164: Moda Spira

Episode #163 – Eucharist As Invitation

Episode #162 – St. Patrick’s Day Podcast Special: 

Episode #161 – Brandon Sipes and NCM

Episode #160: Water To Wine With Brian Zahnd: Voices In My Head Podcast

Episode #159: The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street with Guest Michael Poteet 

Episode #158: Andrew Peterson 

Episode #157: Brandon Sipes and the Culture of Fear

Episode #156: Superman meets Santa Claus (The Untold Podcast Christmas Crossover)

Episode #155: Ginny Owens and Andrew Greer 

Episode #154: Spirituality and the Praise Band (The Practice of Worship)

Episode #153: Worship Band Workshop (Live from The Empower The Church Conference)

Episode #152: Walter Brueggemann


Episode #151: Nick Flora – Futureboy

Episode #150

Voices In My Head Podcast 150th Episode Celebration with 2015 Dove Award Nominees:

Episode #149: Into The Fray with Matt Mikalatos

Episode #148: The Dirty Parts of the Bible with Sam Torode

Episode #147: The Mockingbird Parables with Matt Litton

Episode #146: First Blood Author David Morrell on The Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #146

Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #145: Slugs and Bugs with Randall Goodgame

Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #144 – The Amazing Spider-Man with Matt Anderson

Episode # 143: Morning Prayer Rule –

Episode #142: Peter Enns – The Bible Tells Me So

Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #141 – The Matt Liechty Hymn Project

Episode #140: Sci- Fi Crossover with Matt Anderson and Ben DeBono

Episode#139: KHK

Episode #138: Worship Leader Talk

Episode #137: Andrew Peterson Returns

Episode #136: Guest Guitarist Dave Cleveland

Episode #135: Oscar Winners We’ve Never Seen with Guest John Wilkerson

Podcast Episode #134: Lent and How the Monastic Tradition Informs Our Conversation On Sanctification –


Podcast #133 – Out of the Depths LIVE from M15 in Kansas City 

Episode #132: Renovating Holiness with Joshua Broward –

Episode #131: Week four of Advent –

Episode #130: Week Three of Advent –

Episode #129: Week Two of Advent –

Episode #128: Week One of Advent –

Episode #127: One Year Celebration –

Episode #126: Special Guest Artist Shelly E. Johnson

Episode #125 – Questions From God part 10 of 10

Episode #124 – Questions from God – part 9 of 10

Episode #123: Questions From God Part 8 of 10

Episode #122: Question From God Part 7 of 10 –

Episode #121: Questions From God Part 6 of 10

Episode #120: Questions From God – Part 5 of 10

Episode #119: Questions From God – Part 4 of 10

Episode #118: Questions From God – Part 3 of 10

Episode #117: Questions From God – Part 2 of 10:

Episode #117: Questions From God – Part 2

Episode #116: Questions From God – Part 1 of 10 : 

Episode #115: Karissa Knox Sorrell and the Journey To Orthodoxy

Episode #114: Pentecost 2014

Episode #113 – Brian Zahnd: A Farewell To Mars

Episode #112: Ryan Stevenson Live from The Depot Coffee House In Urbana Ohio

Episode #111: Amazing Spider-Man 2 Crossover with Reel World Theology Podcast

Episode #110: Live From C2E2 In Chicago With Ben DeBono

Episode #109: Guest Artist Jon Morgan –

Episode #108: Guest Amy Savin

Episode #107: Easter Worship Experience –

Episode #106: Daniel Dye – Blinded Again

Episode #105: Out of the Depths-A Songwriter’s Journey Through the Psalms

Episode #104: Style Vs. Substance In Worship

Episode #103: Worship Band Workshop

Episode #102: Paul Baloche

Episode #101: Songwriting For The Local Church

Episode #100: The Book Show with Guest host Ben DeBono

Episode #99: Ragamuffin Road Trip with David Leo Schultz –

Episode #98: Thomas Merton –

Episode #97: Dave Trout – Host of Under The Radar – 

Episode #96: 100.7FM WEEC Book Release Radio Special: 

Episode #95: The Persistent Widow God:

Episode #94: Christian Geek Podcast Crossover with Storymen Podcast Host J. R. Forasteros

Episode #93: Andrew Greer

Episode #92: Jesus Is Lord

Episode #91: Paul Darilek and Living Water International

Episode #90: Christmas Songs

Episode #89: We’re Doing Christmas Wrong

Episode 88: Charlie Sinclair – God Is With Us

Episode 87: All Hallows Eve & All Saints Day

Episode 86: Ben Gowell

Episode 85: Jon Nicholas

Episode 84: Andy Gullahorn

Episode 83: Sacred Space Worship Podcast

Episode 82: Author Timothy Kurek – The Cross in The Closet

Episode 81: Brett McCracken and Gray Matters 

Episode 80: Rick inCYSTs that you listen

Episode 79: Daniel Dye:

Episode 78: Cameron McAllister

Episode 77: The Re-Introduction Of Nick Flora

Episode 76: Rich Young -Prayer

Episode 75: Man of Steel – Part 2

Episode 74: Man of Steel – Part 1

Episode 73: What Would Jesus Kill? (Part 2) – Guest Ben DeBono

Episode 72: What Would Jesus Kill? (Part 1) – Guest Ben DeBono

Episode 71: Ragamuffin Movie Director, David Leo Schultz

Episode 70: Where Is God When Evil Happens?

Episode 69: All Sons and Daughters

Episode 68: Allan Scott

Episode 67: Tribute To Brennan Manning with Author Matt Litton

Episode 66: Keith Mohr and Indie Heaven

Episode 65: the Dead Sea Scrolls

Episode 64: The Lost World of Genesis One with Dr. John H. Walton

Episode 63: Jim “Big Chap” Chapman

Episode 62: Why st. Patrick Matters

Episode 61: How To Be A Parent:

Episode 60: Matt Anderson Interviews Rick Lee James about Basement Psalms LIVE

Episode 59: Infant Baptism

Episode 58: Randy Cox

Episode 57: Basement Psalms LIVE DVD and CD:

Episode 56: Matt Scott – Poets & Saints

Episode 55: Spider-Man, Matthew Cole, and Do We Have A Soul

Episode 54: Stacy Lantz

Episode 53: Nick Flora, Sand Art, and A New Son

Episode 52: Dr. Steven McKenzie and How To Read The Bible

Episode 51: Eric Peters

Episode 50: Listener Call-In Show

Episode 49: Rick Lee James – Prayer Part 4

Episode 48: Rick Lee James – Prayer Part 3

Episode 47: Rick Lee James – Prayer Part 2

Episode 46: Rick Lee James – Prayer Part 1

Episode 45: Stephen Mansfield

Episode 44: Matt Litton

Episode 43: Roger O’Neel

Episode 42: Rick Lee James Sermon

Episode 41: Ben DeBono

Episode 40: Ben DeBono

Episode 39: Brian Zahnd

Episode 38: Jeff Pinkleton

Episode 37: Eddie Kirkland

Episode 36: Rick Lee James LIVE on 100.7FM WEEC Christian Radio

Episode 35: Paul Darilek

Episode 34: Daniel Dye

Episode 33:

Episode 32: Ben Debono

Episode 31: Adam W. Powers

Episode #30: Scott Roley

Episode 29: Army Chaplain Rich Young

Episode 28: Mark Thompson

Episode 27: Jon Finney

Episode 26: Cindy Wilt Colville

Episode 25: Dr. David G. Myers

Episode 24: Dr. Randy L. James

Episode 23: David Black

Episode 22: Matthew Cole

Episode 21: Greg Voiles

Episode 20: Brett McCracken

Episode 19: Andrew Osenga

Episode 18: Ian Morgan Cron, David L. Ward, Jeff Bourque, and Craig Adams

Episode 17: Jason Gray

Episode 16: Phil Sillas

Episode 15: Sara Groves

Episode 14: Brian Zahnd

Episode 13: The Worship Team

Episode 12: Eric Vinson

Episode 11: Fred Heumann

Episode 10: Andrew Peterson

Episode 9: Dr. Brannon Hancock

Episode 8: Michael Card

Episode 7: Brandon Sipes

Episode 6: Kyle Northrop

Episode 5: Tripp York

Episode 4: Matthew Cole

Episode 3: Daniel Dye

Episode 2: Rick Lee James

Episode 1: Pilot


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