Ode To A Cat.

A grace day is what I call yesterday. It was a tough day all around. I think as a general rule people hate it when you go on about your dead pet, at least I do. However, yesterday my day started with the death of my cat that I owned for over 12 years. So, if you don’t want to hear my therapy session about dealing with the death of Muff, then you don’t have to read this. There’s a whole internet out there so get on with it.

I’m not a cat person, when I got divorced my ex-wife didn’t think she would be able to take him and I didn’t have the heart to get rid of him since I am a softy. Oddly enough, he became a good friend. He didn’t do much other than sleep or eat but it was nice just to have him around. Something about the purr of my furry white friend that made me feel at relaxed and even loved.

Now, he did often try to drink the milk in my cereal bowl, and I didn’t dare leave a glass of water untended or next thing you knew he’s be helping himself. His white hair got all over everything and on occasion I would find a piece of it in my food. Gross to the 3rd power. Speaking of gross, I hated changing his litter box, and cleaning the carpet of his hacked up fur balls. So why do I miss this cat you ask?

All in all, he stuck with me through good and bad. In my lonely moments he just seemed to know when I needed company and would be content to sleep somewhere near me or on my lap. He loved a good french fry. He liked to lay in my dirty clothes hamper for some reason while I was away. I like to think it reminded him of me. I talked to him like he was a person, since there often were no people around, and he would usually just reply back with a quick “meow”. He lived for Cat Nip and Whiskas treats.

He was suffering in the last few hours of his life, so I’m glad he is now doing what he loved best, sleeping. (He was worthless if he didn’t get 22 hours of sleep a night.) The vet called me at 7:00am to let me know Muff didn’t make it through the night. I have guilt that I wasn’t there with him. The rest of my day pretty much did what vaccum cleaners do. (No, not sit in the corner for weeks at a time smarty pants.)

I had a bad headache, cried for about 2 minutes in the cat after I left the vet’s office, worked most of the day, tried to lay down for a nap a couple of times to get rid of my headache but every time I dozed off the phone rang. Seemed like every person I came in contact with got on my last nerve. Probably more me, than them honestly.

I would say I had a bad day, but I don’t think God makes bad days. It was a grace day. Every day is a grace day, but days like yesterday remind me just how much I need grace. They remind me how much I need to give grace to others. It’s on days like that when you just want to stop the world and leave for a bit that everyone seems to be pestering you and not giving you the time you need. That makes it a day to give grace to others, even when I needed it for myself.

Days like yesterday remind me that God has made death a part of life and even the death of a cat is sacred. Again, I’m not a cat person so it’s weird for me to say that. But he wasn’t just any cat, he was my cat. And the God that extends His grace to me is not just the gracious God of the living, but He is the gracious God over death and the grave as well. If there is a place in heaven for my cat then all I can say is: ‘God, keep an eye on your water glass.’

So long old friend.

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  1. I’m so sorry you lost Muff. I’m not a cat person, either. But, I do know it is sad to lose a furry friend. Love you.

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