News, News, News!

Three quick things to share with the world.

  1. Here is a 3D picture of my soon to be born son Alexander Grayson, still in the womb.  the little booger wouldn’t move his hand away from his face for the picture.

36 weeks_3D_2

      2. This is the last day to get any of my albums for only $4.99 at You’ve been alerted!

Last Day sale

      3.) It’s less than two weeks until the Rick Lee James and Friends New Year’s Eve Concerts. Tickets are available on this site at this link (Yeah, Here…CLICK ON IT).  Tickets are only $5.00 in advance but if you wait and buy them at the door they go up to $10.00.  You can also pick up tickets for the concert at Beacon of Hope Stores here in Springfield Ohio.  They sell my CD’s there too in case you want to give the give of music this year!

New Year's Eve 2012 Promo2 weeks til new years

Merry Advent and Happy Christmas everyone!!!!