My Fishman SA200

I’m not exactly a handyman. The words that come together to spell the word handyman describe me in some small ways.

  • Hand– I have two of these.
  • Man– I am one, although I do get tears in my eyes at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. Also when I hit my hand with a hammer. Or when I’m waterboarded by the U. S. Government.
  • y– Seems like I’m always asking questions because I don’t understand how things work.

In spite of not being a Handyman I feel quite handy today. This morning I actually took my Fishman SA220 Acoustic sound system apart, changed one of the circuit boards, and then put it all back together.

I had been having some feedback problems when using this system on the road and I am so happy to say that the problem seems to be fixed. Played several riffs from “Carry On My Wayward Son” through it on my Acoustic Guitar and the tone is sweeter than ever. (Please don’t ask me why I played ne of Rock-n-Roll’s greatest Electric guitar riffs through an acoustic amp with an acoustic guitar. I just did okay).

Since the problem seems to be fixed I guess I will move on the next part of my day. I’m getting married in 24 days, 22 hours, and 24 minutes and have lots to pack up for my upcoming move. I’m very excited to have found love again in my life. I look forward to the future. God is very good to me and surprised me with joy after a lot of heartache in the past 4 years. I never thought I would be in love again as I never thought I would find someone I wanted to give my heart to. Thanks God for finding her for me. You are a wonderful Father.

Oh, almost forgot. I also got an encouraging Email from an old college friend today, Greg Voiles. He was one of my best friends and although we don’t get to talk often anymore, I love how good friends seem to be able to just pick up where they left off even years later and still find the brotherhood in Christ that is there.

What else before I sign off. Um, I am now the proud owner of an original copy of the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3 featuring the Avengers and the Hulk. Good stuff. Well I better get on with my day now. Coffee break is over, and I didn’t even have coffee.