Love Our Enemies (Version 3)

I made a few minor changes lyrically to this song. In this version, the song is more of a bold proclamation than a timid ballad. It still has the feel of a hymn but is more robust now, intended to be sung with confidence. We should never be timid about following the commands of Jesus, especially one that has been so vastly ignored as loving our enemies and praying for those who persecute us. Let me know what you think.

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Lyrics by Rick Lee James   2013

Love Our Enemies

Verse 1

God has made this declaration

through His Son, the Prince of Peace,

that to enter in His Kingdom

we must love our enemies.

They may seem our adversaries

but are merely slaves to sin,

so our battle is not with them

who are only hostages

Verse 2

Lord, deliver us from hatred,

prejudice, and cruelty.

Come remove discrimination

that the truth may set us free.

When we look at our reflection

we not only see ourselves

but we see a former captive

whom the grace of God has helped.

Verse 3

Father, show us how to free them

with Your mercy above

for our enemies are brothers

who’ve forgotten how to love.

You have made us in your image,

You’ve redeemed us through Your son.

Gather us into Your Kingdom

where no sword is drawn but love.

Verse 4

Jesus Christ, is our example

showing us the face of God

when He chose to die for sinners

rather than to shed their blood.

So we’ll fight them with affection,

we will conquer them with grace.

May our enemies see Jesus

when they look upon our face

Verse 5

In His time and for His pleasure

pray we all will stand one day

reconciled before the Father

when the old has passed away.

When revenge would cloud our vision

turn our eyes to Calvary

where our Savior died to show us

how to love our enemies.


Lord and Maker of creation,

every life is dear to Thee

In the holy name of Jesus

help us love our enemies