LOVE OUR ENEMIES Music Video is now being funded on Kickstarter

Love Our Enemies Music Video

Now Being Funded on Kickstarter:


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It’s pretty simple, I’m making a music video for an original song called LOVE OUR ENEMIES.

First – Listen to the song here:

Next: Check out the room where we will be filming in this video:

I am looking to help fund the production and rental costs for this music video, making sure all hands and workers on set are paid for their hard work, creation, and motivation. This is by far the biggest video project I have ever done, and I want it to be  successful and on par with professional music industry standards. 

For this video I’ll be partnering once again with Agape Media and will be filming at beautiful “Something Old Studios” in Dayton Ohio.

With this video I want to  bring something more that views and social media engagement. I’m praying something much greater than that. I’m hoping that this song will give believers a voice to speak with when it comes to difficult teachings of Jesus like loving our enemies and praying for those who persecute us. I’m praying it will visually tell the story of a people at worship in a contentious world, striving to be like Jesus in all areas of life. 

From start to finish, I want this video to be about life together. We follow the teachings of Jesus best when we do it together and for a teaching like “Love Your Enemies” we definitely need the help of others. In this video we will create an atmosphere of a house concert or a house church worship service. I’m inviting fellow musicians, close friends, and supporters of my music from the the Dayton Ohio area to come and actually be in the music video. 

It’ snot just going to be a beautiful video, and a powerful statement on the love of God. It’s also going to be so much fun. 

Won’t you join us?

See on Kickstarter:


Love Our Enemies
Rick Lee James

Verse 1
God has made this declaration
Through His Son the Prince of Peace
If we will enter in His Kingdom
We must love our enemies

Verse 2
Lord deliver us from hatred
Prejudice and cruelty
Come remove discrimination
That the truth may set us free

Chorus 1
Lord and Maker of creation
Every life is dear to Thee
In the holy name of Jesus
Help us love our enemies

Verse 3
Jesus is our true example
Showing us the face of God
When He chose to die for sinners
Rather than to shed their blood

Verse 4
(So) Father show us how to love them
With Your mercy from above
For our enemies are brothers
We’ve forgotten how to love

Chorus 1
Lord and Maker of creation
Every life is dear to Thee
In the holy name of Jesus
Help us love our enemies

Verse 5
So we’ll fight them with affection
We will conquer them with grace
Until our enemies see Jesus
When they look into our face

Verse 6
In His time and for His pleasure
Pray we all will stand one day
Reconciled before the Father
When the old has passed away

Chorus 2
You have made us in Your image
You’ve redeemed us through Your Son
Let our swords be turned to plowshares
And our hearts be turned to love

Let our hearts be turned to love
Let our hearts be turned to love

CCLI Song # 7113865
Rick Lee James
• © Wayfaring Prophet Songs (Admin. by ClearBox Rights, LLC)

Risks and challenges

I have a tight timeline since we film on March 28th. The studio is already paid for and the crew has to be paid on the day we shoot. Since I make very little money as an indie artist, I’m literally depending on your kindness to get this project made.

LOVE OUR ENEMIES Music Video from Rick Lee James album THUNDER.