Love Our Enemies CHARTING AT #18

Last Wednesday the music video for my new song, LOVE OUR ENEMIES, released. Since then I found out that the song is charting at #18 on PlayMPE Christian AC Top 20 chart!

What that means is that of all the Christian Radio Stations nationwide, Love Our Enemies is the #18 most added song for Radio AirPlay. (See the chart below).

As an independent artist, I’m usually not on the same radio charts with artists like The Newsboys, Matthew West, Chris Tomlin and Skillet so to say the least this is huge news. 

I want to thank you all for sharing my new music video, listening online, and requesting the song on Christian Radio stations in your area.

I especially want to praise our Lord for His goodness in providing open doors like these to spread the Gospel. Bless the Lord!

-Rick Lee James


Hear it. Sing it. Live it.

…to lead congregations in hearing God’s word, in confessing God’s holiness, in praying faithful prayers, in singing truthful songs, and accepting God’s generous invitation