Lent In the Dryer

This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. It marks the time when we journey into the season of Lent through the desert. A desert is a very dry, very hot place. With the lack of moisture things begin to dry out and crack. While deserts can be beautiful places, to me they can be scary places if you were to ever end up there alone. Why is it scary? Because the terrain is uncharted. It’s not like Rand McNally has a desert atlas to get you from point A to point B. We know that Lent is point A and Easter is point B but it’s the journey to get there that makes it so scary. On the journey to resurrection, death must first be experienced.

The journey through the desert is scary, and even dangerous. That’s why we need a guide who has walked this journey before; a pioneer of sorts who knows the cracked, difficult, dangerous areas of the desert. He guide may not be able to take us away from the difficulties ahead, but he can certainly be there with us and order your steps for us. The guide will suffer every step you suffer.

Now, we don’t have to take this dangerous journey through the dry and barren land, but if we don’t we will never find the everlasting life that waits at teh end of the long journey. Will you journey with me this Lent? Will you be courageous enough to let Jesus be your guide? If more of us embark on this journey together, then fewer of us will have to take it alone.