Jim Gaffigan Deals With Comedy and Catholicism On the Pilot Episode of His New Show: Watch It Here

Jim Gaffigan Show

I don’t know Jim Gaffigan and I’m not affiliated with him in any way other than the fact that he is my favorite stand up comedian. It’s pretty well known that Gaffigan is a Catholic and his faith often has a place in His stand up comedy. His new show just started airing and for the time being the first episode is available online for free. The episode brilliantly and hilariously deals with the absurdity of trying to keep your faith, your career, and your life everyday separate. There is much to laugh at and think about in this particular episode.

For those who might be offended, there are a couple of uses of profanity so you might want to be aware of that going in. I’m posting this here simply because I think it deals with the issue of faith and culture brilliantly.