Jack Kirby Artwork


I really love this Jack Kirby Super Powers artwork I found online from the comic book mini-series based on the Kenner toys.



  1. Hey Rick! That was funny see you post this ad. I saw it recently in an old comic as well and included as part of my review for that comic (http://bargaincomicreviews.wordpress.com/2011/12/02/action-comics-557-july-1984/). I kept a bunch of those Super Powers toys and gave them to my son. Have to admit I never read an issue of the comic, but I did find one a couple weeks ago and bought it, just haven’t read it yet. I wasn’t a big Kirby fan when I was a kid, but I’ve really grown to appreciate his Fourth World stuff as I’ve gotten older.

  2. I think I have all of the Super Powers mini-series that they made. I don’t actually remember liking the 1st or 3rd series very much but really, really loved mini-series 2 as a kid. Kirby’s art has grown on me as well. He definitely has a distinct style. thanks for your comments. I always appreciate feedback.


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