iTunes Reviews For “Voices In My Head” Podcast

Reviews are starting to show up on iTunes for Voices In My Head (The Official Rick Lee James Podcast).  Keep ’em coming folks.  Thanks to you we are climbing the iTunes Podcast charts.
“Customer Review: Voices In My Head (The Official Rick Lee James Podcast): I really dig this podcast because Rick Lee James actually spends time with intelligent, talented and, often times, funny guests. If you’re looking for something that barely scratches the surface of the guests featured, then this isn’t for you. Rick gets down to the nitty gritty. He is a very bright guy and asks great questions – and best of all, he creates an atmosphere where the people he features can be themselves. He certainly provides us with a more organic view of each guest he features. One of the best podcasts out there, in my opinion. ”
Josh Carpenter, iTunes Review ★★★★★ (Apr 09, 2012)
“Customer Review: Voices In My Head (Official Rick Lee James Podcast): Being honest, I am not a big listener of podcasts and usually only go to this route when someone suggests a quote or a particular episode. However, there is a rare occasion when listening that there is enough in the referred section that I finish the whole podcast. Even rarer still is the time when what I hear in the one prompts me to listen to another and Rick Lee James is only the second podcast to keep my attention (Mars Hill – Rob Bell being the other). Not too serious and just good fun conversation on topics that need to be voiced via the vehicle of pop cultural venues of comics, movies, and music. Worth the time for the download and a good listen for a jog on the treadmill or a drive down the road… I recommend it… ”
Matthew Cole, iTunes Review ★★★★★ (Jan 12, 2012)