Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations (The New Rick Lee James Album)

Several donors to my new record have had a chance to hear three of the songs from the album in advance. As I recieve their feedback I will add it here. Thank you everyone for helping to make this record a reality.

-Rick Lee James


Learn more at http://www.GoFundMe.com/Hymns


“I’ve had the privilege of ministering with Rick Lee James more than once. God has graciously gifted him to lead us into His presence in worship. These songs do exactly that”

–Rich Young

“I enjoyed all three, but my favorite is “The Invitation” because your voice is so clear and the musical accompaniment is so soft. You should be greatly pleased with this release. I wish for you that it will become a top seller. And make sure that when you make your Nashville Live debut you let us know so that we can be in the audience.”

–Beverly Jones


“O God Our Help” (4/5) – Interestingly this has an undercurrent of a rock feel to it. What I mean by this is that the vocals are nifty as they still carry the weight of being heavy worded hymns, but then are layered on top of some semi-rock like instrumentation.

“The Invitation” (5/5) – Beautiful piano backing… vocals that just usher you into a worshipful attitude. A great way to bring this message forth. No holding back this is my favorite of the three.

“Watchman” (4/5) – The instrumentation flows nicely.. I certainly like the acoustic elements. The song is common for the “watchman” songs I have heard from other artists.”

-Derek John Jordan


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