How Majestic Is Your Name

The last couple of days I have been in my recording studio at home working on a song I wrote from Psalm 8 titled How Majestic Is Your Name. I wanted to do a really sweet guitar solo in the middle of the song but I kept messing up. The end has a pretty fast harmonized part that’s tricky. After about an hour of practicing I started recording the lick and what happens mid bend, the high E string breaks. Granted, that’s always better than breaking your G string.

Anyway, the string is fixed, the song is recorded, I drilled holes for the power supply on my new pedal board, and my memory man came in the mail today. Also, my new Mobile App is available for download wherever you good people download mobile apps (i. e. iTunes, android). All in all it has been a pretty great day, plus I get to see Phil Keaggy on Saturday night. God is good. TTFN.

Rick Lee James