“Rick Lee James has accomplished what I have been trying to do for decades; bring together the thoughtful reader with the discerning listener. He has written an important introduction to the Psalter which opens the door to his own musical interpretations.”


Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, & Author

Brian Zahnd Smile-200

“The Psalms take up more real estate in the Bible than any other book. This ancient Jewish hymnal is an anthology of lyrics for one hundred and fifty songs. These God-obsessed poems are not to be blithely read, but prayed, or better yet chanted and sung. To properly approach the Psalms we need to abandon the didactic and embrace the poetic, but this does not come naturally for everyone. What we need is the artistic sensibilities of a songwriter to guide us. This is precisely what Rick Lee James brings to the Psalms in his wonderful book Out Of The Depths. As a pastor/songwriter/musician Rick Lee James is uniquely suited to introduce us to the Psalms and help us see how these three thousand year old songs speak to the whole range of human experience in the light of brutal honesty and radical trust in God. I highly recommend Out Of The Depths!”


Pastor & Author of A Farewell To Mars (2014)

brett mccracken-200

“Part memoir, part biblical commentary, part album liner notes, Out of the Depths is a unique and refreshing exploration of the Psalms. Rick Lee James offers a compelling, insightful overview both of the theological contributions of the Psalms but also their inspiration for his own musical pursuits. The result is a soul-enriching journey through the highs, lows, joys and laments of the Christian life.”


Author of Gray Matters: Navigating the Space Between Legalism and Liberty

Matt Litton-200

“My friend, Rick Lee James, reminded me that Christian art can still be thoughtful and profound in his beautiful record “Basement Psalms Live.”  In this companion book, Rick brings the depth of his attentive songwriting to life by highlighting the intention, the community, and the reverence that the Biblical Psalms have demanded from people of faith since their inception. Most important, Rick’s writing expounds on the deep sense of hope and joy that is the palatable foundation of his music. I highly recommend this book.”


craig adams

Rick Lee James’ insight into the Psalms is refreshing! His love of songs and worship find thought-provoking expression in this truly inspirational book! –CRAIG ADAMS

Creative/Publishing Director for LifeWay Worship

From Congruent Culture’s Web Page


Amazon Reviews

review from
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“In Basement Psalms Live, the talented Rick Lee James, presents the truth of the Psalms through music – raw, beautiful, emotional, honest and artistic. James invites you into a journey through the earth-bound movements of our faith: from lament, to lessons, to thanksgiving and to praise. His heartfelt live performance is a beautiful soundtrack to rhythms of the real-life, life to the fullest, that Jesus points us to in the Gospels.”    – Matt Litton

Matt Litton: Author of Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy
Matt Litton: Author of Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy and Mockingbird Parables

“I listen to a lot of podcasts and Rick does a great job with this one! And I’m not just saying that because I was on an episode! He asks great questions and has interesting folks on, can’t recommend enough!”

Nick Flora

Nick Flora: Musician and Creator of Who Writes This Stuff Podcast

Podcast Listener Crimson Sparrow says, ” I appreciate the graciousness with which you addressed patriotism and the way you nuance our nationalistic story within the story of a King and Kingdom. Good job, yo. :)”

(May 27th, 2012)

“Customer Review: Voices In My Head (The Official Rick Lee James Podcast): I really dig this podcast because Rick Lee James actually spends time with intelligent, talented and, often times, funny guests. If you’re looking for something that barely scratches the surface of the guests featured, then this isn’t for you. Rick gets down to the nitty gritty. He is a very bright guy and asks great questions – and best of all, he creates an atmosphere where the people he features can be themselves. He certainly provides us with a more organic view of each guest he features. One of the best podcasts out there, in my opinion. ”
Josh Carpenter, iTunes Review ★★★★★ (Apr 09, 2012)

“Customer Review: Voices In My Head (Official Rick Lee James Podcast): Being honest, I am not a big listener of podcasts and usually only go to this route when someone suggests a quote or a particular episode. However, there is a rare occasion when listening that there is enough in the referred section that I finish the whole podcast. Even rarer still is the time when what I hear in the one prompts me to listen to another and Rick Lee James is only the second podcast to keep my attention (Mars Hill – Rob Bell being the other). Not too serious and just good fun conversation on topics that need to be voiced via the vehicle of pop cultural venues of comics, movies, and music. Worth the time for the download and a good listen for a jog on the treadmill or a drive down the road… I recommend it… ”
Matthew Cole, iTunes Review ★★★★★ (Jan 12, 2012)

Springfield News-Sun

“Great Job!!! I appreciate you and your ministry! Our teens loved it! ”
Eric Skelton (Youth Pastor) – Concert Feedback

Rick James live shows are beautiful! His humbleness is so easy to love–when he is on stage you appreciate him but quickly become lost in his music and messages. It’s almost like a wire that conducts electricity–he is there to radiate his passion into his audience and upwards towards the divine. It is really something to see 🙂 ”
Dawn – Concert Feedback

Lucas Dibo (Kenya) – Concert Feedback

“I was truly blessed today by Rick’s ministry. I highly recommend him to visit your Church, group or event. Made my first visit to the Marysville Church of the Nazarene a very special one. ”
Kevin B – Concert Feedback

“Thanks for playing tonight! We just went to Beans n Cream for a cup of Coffee and instead we got front row seats to the best concert weve ever been to at a coffee shop. Thanks for putting up with our obnoxious requests! Congrats on the wedding! Hope to see you in Cedarville again! ”
Julie and Stephanie – Concert Feedback

Album Review By Andrew Greenhalgh (Rolling Stone Freelance Writer)

Album review by Annie Reuter

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