Heads Up for Episode 4 of the Podcast

Well, Episodes 1 & 2 of the Voices In My Head Podcast are now playing online at Podbean.com, iTunes, Reverbnation.com, and on the Rick Lee James App.

Yesterday I recorded Episode 3 three of the Voices in my Head Podcast with my special guest Daniel Dye. It was a fun interview and he even performed a new song for the first time ever on the air. The show should be up on iTunes next Monday and on Podbean.com just a little before that. Make sure to listen to the interview so you can find out how to win a free CD by Daniel Dye & the Miller Road Band.

Matthew Cole with daughter Mabry

For Episode 4, Matthew Cole will be joining me for a discussion on Heroes, Patriotism, and their relation to the Gospel. You may want to buy a hard copy or download Issue 900 of Action Comics because we will be discussing a 9 page short story in that issue titled “The Incident” and would really love to hear your thoughts on Patriotism and if it has a place in the house of worshi.. In this story Superman renounces his American citizenship and boy did it cause a lot of controversy.

So a quick recap:

Episode 1 & 2 are now available.

Episode 3 with Daniel Dye will be available Monday.

Episode 4 with Matthew Cole will air the following Monday.

Don’t forget to submit iTunes reviews of the show, submit listener feedback on the Facebook page, and/or call the listener comment line at (937) 505-0162 and record a message to be played on the broadcast.

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