Episode #156: Superman meets Santa Claus (The Voices In My Head / Untold Podcast Christmas Crossover)

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The latest episode of Voices In My Head is part of a special Podcast Crossover Event!

Voices In My Head is proud to be banding together with other podcasts in the crossover nexus, linked together by a single theme, which was pretty easy considering the season, CHRISTMAS!

Since it’s the Christmas  season, participating members of the Crossover Nexus are recording episodes that are geeky, faith-y, and holiday season-y!


On Episode #156, ‘Voices In My Head’ crosses over with the ‘Untold Podcast’ and it’s host, Nathan James Norman. Together we discuss one of the greatest crossovers of all time, When Superman met Santa in Claus in DC Comics Presents #67. We also talk about art, faith, and literature and a whole lot more on this SUPER-SIZE ANNUAL ISSUE of a Podcast.