Renovating Holiness: The New Book

It is my great honor to be one of over a hundred leaders selected to write essays for a book called Renovating Holiness. I’m so grateful to editors, Thomas Jay Oord and Joshua Broward, not only for including me among these amazing leaders from around the world, but also for taking the time to putContinue reading “Renovating Holiness: The New Book”

Podcast #128: Week One of Advent

This week on Voices In My Head Rick talks about the Christian Calendar and why Advent is the best time for Christians to say Happy New Year. This Podcast also features Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing). Free Sheet music for this song available below and at and you can watch the YouTube video below.  

What Is A Hymn? Do You Know?

What is a hymn? If you ask that to a room full of Christians, no matter what age, you will get a room full of various answers. I’m not sure that most people really know. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what a hymn is, but I’m just not convinced that most people could give a satisfying definition if asked.

Free Book – Tips Will Benefit The Hymn Project.

  All tips received for this book will benefit the Hymn Project – The Psalms: you’ve heard them read in church, adapted into worship songs and maybe glanced through them once or twice. But have you ever asked yourself what the message is behind this moving yet enigmatic book? Have you ever let the PsalmsContinue reading “Free Book – Tips Will Benefit The Hymn Project.”

Today, Rick Lee James “Changes” album is only $1 on

  Today, Download Rick Lee James’ Changes Album for only $1.00 All sales benefit the Rick Lee James Hymn Project so please tell your friends. 12 tracks for $1.00, …but you can give more if you like. #throwbackthursday This album features tracks with Brandon Sipes , Brannon Hancock , Brenda Spicer Thornberry-Crabtree , MandyContinue reading “Today, Rick Lee James “Changes” album is only $1 on”

Podcast #119 – Questions From God – part 4 of 10


And Can It Be – A Hymn Story

And Can It Be is one of the most loved hymns in all of Christendom, but do you know the story behind the song?

Hymn Project Update

    Do You Have A Favorite Hymn?Let Me Play It For You Good Evening,If you read my blog then you know that I’m in the middle of a campaign to raise money for my first ever hymns record, with 5 time Dove Award winning producer Craig Adams. As a part of this process IContinue reading “Hymn Project Update”