Hymn Project Update

    Do You Have A Favorite Hymn?Let Me Play It For You Good Evening,If you read my blog then you know that I’m in the middle of a campaign to raise money for my first ever hymns record, with 5 time Dove Award winning producer Craig Adams. As a part of this process I […]

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How Do We Love Our Enemies? How Do We Pray For ISIS? How Did Jesus Do It?

How do we pray for our enemies? Are we called to pray any differently in times like these when terrorists groups like ISIS slaughter people without remorse? Isn’t this just like the world Jesus was in 2000 years ago when Romans occupied his Jewish homeland, enslaved his people, and demanded that they declare “Caesar Is Lord” or face […]

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

I was just watching some old Batman cartoons with my son on DVD since there’s nothing like that on TV on Saturday mornings anymore and I got feeling a little nostalgic. I was wondering who else grew up in the 80’s playing with the Super Powers Toys that Kenner made. They really funded my imagination […]

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Podcast #108: Guest – Amy Savin

  LISTEN HERE:   Amy Savin is a talented Christian musician who brings back to Christian music a depth of lyric and intricate artistry slightly lost in recent years. The songs are a beautiful hybrid of haunting and striking melodies set to lyrics that are made for fun listening and personal growth. Amy’s voice and […]

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