In The Studio This Week

Nashville Bound Tracking For The New Record Begins This Week Good Day, I hope that this update finds you well. The advent season is upon us again and with it, as always, is much busyness. In addition to the normal Yuletide events this year, This year I add recording a new album to the schedule.Continue reading “In The Studio This Week”

And Can It Be – A Hymn Story

And Can It Be is one of the most loved hymns in all of Christendom, but do you know the story behind the song?

Be Thou My Vision – A Hymn Story

Be Thou My Vision – A Hymn Story In 433 A. D., the Irish King, Logaire of Tara, had enacted a decree that no one could light candles on the Eve of Easter because it coincided with the Druid Feast of Bealtine and the Spring Eqinox. It was the tradition of these Pagan festivals toContinue reading “Be Thou My Vision – A Hymn Story”

Hymn Project Update

    Do You Have A Favorite Hymn?Let Me Play It For You Good Evening,If you read my blog then you know that I’m in the middle of a campaign to raise money for my first ever hymns record, with 5 time Dove Award winning producer Craig Adams. As a part of this process IContinue reading “Hymn Project Update”

How Do We Love Our Enemies? How Do We Pray For ISIS? How Did Jesus Do It?

How do we pray for our enemies? Are we called to pray any differently in times like these when terrorists groups like ISIS slaughter people without remorse? Isn’t this just like the world Jesus was in 2000 years ago when Romans occupied his Jewish homeland, enslaved his people, and demanded that they declare “Caesar Is Lord” or faceContinue reading “How Do We Love Our Enemies? How Do We Pray For ISIS? How Did Jesus Do It?”

Rick Lee James live at the Springfield Arts Festival

  RLJ 6/29/2014 from Rick Stull on Vimeo. Sunday night June 29th, 2014 I was blessed to play for the Nehemiah Foundation’s Event, “When Springfield Sings”. This event was a part of the Springfield Summer Arts Festival which brought out over 1000 people to worship together in the open air at Veteran’s park in SpringfieldContinue reading “Rick Lee James live at the Springfield Arts Festival”

The 4th of July and The Christian

Contrary to what many people seem to think, July 4th is not a Christian holy day (holiday). Moses didn’t come down the mountain holding the Constitution in one hand and the Declaration of Independence in the other. The only Christian nation that has ever existed or will ever exist is the kingdom of God, whoseContinue reading “The 4th of July and The Christian”