CCM Magazine’s Advent Interview with Rick Lee James

In December 2016, to celebrate the music video for Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing),  CCM Magazine did another interview with Rick Lee James. This time it’s all about Advent and Christmas.

Podcast Episode #155: Guests Ginny Owens and Andrew Greer

  Transcending Mysteries: Who Is God and What Does He Want From Us? is the new book written by Andrew Greer ( and Ginny Owens ( Ginny and Andrew are both my guests on the latest episode of Voice In My Head, the Rick Lee James Podcast. Together we talk about the relational aspects ofContinue reading “Podcast Episode #155: Guests Ginny Owens and Andrew Greer”

Want to hear a track from my new CD?

Want To Hear A Track From My New CD? If you haven’t heard yet, my new album is recorded and mixed, promo photos have been taken, publishing contracts have been executed, and I am currently in talks with media promoters and graphic designers. With that being said we still are quite a bit short financiallyContinue reading “Want to hear a track from my new CD?”

Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #143: Morning Daily Prayer Rule

I invite you to pray along with me this week on this special episode of The Voices My Head Podcast as I lead us through a Morning Daily Prayer Rite of the Orthodox Church. Click the picture below to follow along with the prayer.

Podcast Episode #139: KHK

LISTEN NOW Since 2010, KHK (Kids Helping Kids) has performed in over 80 events! They were blessed to open for such well known Christian artists and some Dove award recipients such as The Newsboys, FFH, Jason Gray, John G. Elliott, Jo Vogels, flyfaith, and yours truly, Rick Lee James. God has big plans for theseContinue reading “Podcast Episode #139: KHK”

A Letter from the People of the Cross to ISIS

This is such a profound Christian response to violence that I really felt compelled to share it. This is the message of the followers of Christ to any who would make themselves enemies, in this case ISIS. Email: Website: (coming soon) Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @teammightyla As the world responds to the Islamic State with hatred,Continue reading “A Letter from the People of the Cross to ISIS”

Podcast Episode #137: Andrew Peterson Returns

This week on the Voices In My Head Podcast, Andrew Peterson returns. Since we are so close to the Easter Season we talk a lot about his classic record, Resurrection Letters Volume 2. It was great to record this episode on location in Nashville at the Rabbit Room’s North Wind Manor. There’s a little somethingContinue reading “Podcast Episode #137: Andrew Peterson Returns”

St. Patrick’s Day and Psalm 42

The Following is From The Book, Out of the Depths: A Songwriter’s Journey Through the Psalms Since I close chapter three of the book by talking about St. Patrick I wanted to share the entire chapter as a celebration of his life and legacy. I hope you enjoy it. The book can be purchased fromContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day and Psalm 42”