Podcast Episode #92_Jesus Is Lord

  LISTEN HERE:  This week we feature favorite bulletin bloopers on Question of the Week and I talk about on of the earliest statements of the Christian faith, Jesus Is Lord. Inspired by a post on my Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/RickLeeJames  Voices In My Head is a Podcast dedicated to covering things like comics, movies, books, music […]

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Podcast 84: Andy Gullahorn

LISTEN HERE:  My guest this week on the Voices In My Head Podcast is singer, songwriter, and guitarist Andy Gullahorn. The first time I ever heard Andy Gullahorn play guitar, I didn’t know him by name. I was watching a live music video by Andrew Peterson online and was blown away by the incredible backup […]

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Rick Lee James News

Rick Lee James http://www.RickLeeJames.com Rick Lee James News What an exciting year this has been and it’s not even over yet.  Since January I’ve had the privilege to work with Michael Card, Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson, Andrew Osenga, Brian Zahnd, Sara Groves, Eddie Kirkland, Tripp York, Brannon Hancock, and many other great people on my weekly Podcast, Voices In My Head. In May I officially […]

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Podcast #19: Guest Andrew Osenga

Andrew Osenga LISTEN HERE: Andrew Osenga, aside from being a truly amazing solo artist has also been a Producer, Musician, SongWriter, or Engineer for the likes of Chris Tomlin, Andrew Peterson, Caedmon’s Call, Jars of Clay, Jason Gray, J. J. Heller, Eric Vinson, and many, many more. His latest solo project, Leonard The Lonely Astronaut, […]

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Podcast #15: Guest Sara Groves

My guest this week on Voices In My Head is acclaimed singer songwriter Sara Groves. I recorded this interview with Sara exactly one week after she was a guest at the White House as the worship leader for President Obama’s Easter prayer breakfast. We talk about that experience, her new album titled Invisible Empires, her […]

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