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Short Biography
Rick Lee James worship leader, a singer and songwriter, preacher, author, and Podcast host with over 15 years of experience in ministry. As host of the Voices In My Head Podcast Rick has worked with Jason Gray, Andrew PetersonSara Groves, Paul Baloche, All Sons and Daughters, Michael Card, Brian ZahndTripp York, Brett Mccracken, Ian Morgan Cron, Michael Card, Walter Brueggemann and many more. In 2013 Rick released his first Live album of original songs called, Basement Psalms Live. In 2014 Rick released a book to accompany the album called, Out of the Depths: A Songwriter’s Journey Through the Psalms. The book has since been used as a textbook by National Praise and Worship Institute’s Psalms survey course at Trevecca Nazarene University. Rick also was a contributing writer for the book, Renovating Holiness, edited by Jay Thomas Jay Oord and Joshua Broward. Rick has also been a contributing writer for Worship Leader Magazine and has had a number of songs published by Lifeway Worship. Rick’s lattest album, ‘Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations’ will released on March 17th, 2016 (St. Patrick’s Day). All songs on the record are being published through Lifeway Worship and are written, co-written, or arranged by Rick.  The album has garnered critical praise and has been featured in CCM Magazine and Worship Leader Magazine and has recieved national radio play from syndicated shows like Under The Radar and Things Not Seen.
Find more at www.RickLeeJames.com
“Crafted directly from inspiration found in hymnals and prayer books, songwriter and worship leader Rick Lee James offers Hymns, Prayers and Invitations. It is with the intentionality behind the last word of the album title, Invitations, that makes this project a stand out. More than a collection of hymny interpretations or simple song book upgrades, James’ purposeful use of lyric, timbre, and track synchronism should lead the listener into moments of powerful communication and worship with the Lord. Hymns, Prayers and Invitations drip with soundtracks of Sunday morning sanctuaries to intimately personal prayer closet concerts.”
-CCM Magazine
Long Biography

Rick began his musical journey at the age of 5 singing as the youngest member of his traveling family of evangelists. At age 15 Rick began learning to play the guitar and by the age 17 he was performing on the stage of the world famous Ryman Auditorium and working as an assistant guitar teacher in the Doc Stone school of music in Dickson Tennessee.

In the years since then Rick has also released more than 6 albums including:

“Workin’ On Commission” in 1997

Rick James Music” in 2006

“A Little Lower Than The Angels” in 2008

“Christmas Songs” in 2009

“Changes” in 2011

“Advent Hymn (Single with Brannon Hancock)” 2012

“Basement Psalms (LIVE)” 2013

“Out Of The Depths: A Songwriter’s Journey Through The Psalms (Companion Book to Basement Psalms Live) 2014

“Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations” 2016


Rick’s music is dedicated to the hopeless who have been crushed and broken on the spokes of life. To the people who just can’t seem to muster the strength to get up out of the dirt. To the ones whose hearts are wrecked to the point of utter despair. To the ones who have fallen captive to the prison of addiction and wonder if they will ever be free. To the people of faith who just can’t see Jesus through the rains that have blurred their eyes. To the one cringing in the shadows of the loneliest corners desperate to see the light.

In Rick’s words, “I just want to be a part of bringing hope into the world. Not as one who is the light but as one who points to the light. I want to be able to point my fingers to the God who makes all drakness flee and proclaim to all who live in the shadows, ‘behold, your light has come.’”
Music has been a way for Rick to experience Gods healing. In 2006 Rick’s 7 year marriage crumbled leaving him wondering where to go next. “It was like a death had occurred, only worse because there was no corpse to mourn. You pray for the healing of the marriage but when the healing doesn’t come it shakes you to the core.” With the support of his church family, good friends, and much prayer Rick was able to pick up the pieces and begin ministering in new ways that he had never been able to relate before.

In 2008, Rick was honored to speak, teach, and perform at Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi, Kenya. “I was only in Kenya for couple of weeks but the impact it had on me will last a lifetime. I went to minister to the student in Nariobi, but you could say that they ended up taking me to school in the ways of Christian worship, generosity, and passion for God. They gave much more to me than I was able to bring them.”

In 2009, in addition to his normal tour schedule, Rick played for 10,000 people at the Church of the Nazarene General Assembly in Orlando Florida, backed by a choir of friends from Kenya called Shangalia, who incidentally went on to record Rick’s song “You Are There With Me”.

As time went by and God brought healing in to his life, Rick married Jennifer Ann Olson in 2011. “The best part is that I met Jenn at my church. I’m amazed at the goodness of the Lord and how he bring beauty from Ashes.” Rick and Jenn live in Springfield Ohio and still minister at the same church.

In 2012 Rick began a new endeavor, show creator and host of “Voices In My Head (The Official Rick Lee James Podcast) ”. Through the Podcast Rick has been able to work with some of the best and brightest authors, pastors, musicians, and people of interest in pop culture today. Also in 2012, Rick’s article “Billy Joel Taught Me How To Pray” was published in Worship Leader Magazine, a national publication that goes out to worship leaders all of over the United States.
Rick is available for festivals, coffeehouses, churches, retreats, camps, and most any other venue. To read more about Rick, hear his music or see performance videos, please visit Rick’s website at www.RickLeeJames.com http://www.reverbnation.com/RickLeeJames.

Other Links:

Rick’s Bandcamp Page: http://www.RickLeeJames.com/Bandcamp

Rick’s YouTube Channel: www.Youtube.com/RickLeeJames

Rick’s Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/RickLeeJamesFanPage

Podcast Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Voices-In-My-Head-The-Rick-Lee-James-Podcast/255060091229763

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