Be In My Next Music Video…From Your Home

Hello Friends,

On June 6th we are shooting a music video for my song, “Love Our Enemies” and I really want you to be in it…FROM YOUR HOME.

My hope was to have lots of friends gather together to shoot this music video but in these strange times in which we are living, that isn’t going to be possible.

However, my video director and I think we have a way to have lots of you in this music video.

We are inviting you to come together (separately) to create a virtual choir from inside our own homes. We want as many of you as possible to take a video of yourself (or even your whole family if you can) singing along on the choruses of “Love Our Enemies.”

Follow these simple instructions to make your video at home and have it added to our music video.


  1. Download the FREE chart and track from the following Dropbox link:
  2. Record a video of yourself (using your phone is fine) singing along to the track or even playing along on a instrument. Make sure you’re listening via earphones and only recording your voice or instrument – not the track.
  3. Submit your video like this:
  4. Tag and share this post with your church choir, friends, and family!
  5. *Deadline for submissions is Saturday, June 6th at Midnight (CST)

If you need a better idea of what we mean by virtual choir, take a look at this Virtual Choir Video that our friends at Lifeway Worship made for Palm Sunday this year:

If you have any questions, email me at

Let’s make a great music video together.


Rick Lee James