An Update On The Book

I give you all a quick update on the book. In only 7 days we met our Kickstarter goal of $1000.00 so it looks like the book will be available by Christmas. Knowing that I redid the math and found that even with the amount we raised that we are still a few hundred dollars short of the original printing costs. Well over the weekend Beacon of Hope Bookstore donated 20% of all their Friday sales to the publishing my book. That combined with more generous givers on Kickstater over the weekend brought in $360 dollars more.

All that being said, if we raise another $600 it looks like we will be able to print hardcover books instead of softcover. We have until November 14th (18 days) to raise this amount so if we do then that’s the plan. If not then we will go with the original softcover books. To those of you who have given so generously, I can’t thank you enough. For those of you who are still considering I’d love for you to read the foreword to the book that Ben DeBono wrote and see if it doesn’t help you make a decision to be a part of this campaign.

You can read Ben’s foreword here:

You can back the project on Kickstarter here:



Rick Lee James